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Pop art in the interior

Pop art in the interior

Sixties - binge hippie, peace, kindness and love - the main slogans of the new world.

It was then born pop art.

Simplicity, which replaced the annoyingmodernism, bright colors and a mass ascension in the art, is the main lowdown this style. Style fit expressive personalities, he will not let you get bored.

This style is eternal feast, ready to plunge into it?



To create a pop-art take bright colors. Bright pink, acid green, flashy yellow? Yes, it's all fine. But we should not paint all the walls one color, combine them, in addition, part of the walls should be painted in neutral white. White will be the background for a riot of colors and interior ceases to be too annoying.


Peas and strip - the favorite prints of pop art,we put them on the wall, and textiles. This style has no restrictions on the number of used accents, do so to make you comfortable. Use topics of popular culture - superheroes and cartoon characters, movies and retail brands - play with everyday.


What material to choose for pop art? Plastic, glass, wood and brick, all goes to the cause. Brick paint better. Wood is chosen so that it does not create disharmony with the other colors of the interior, for example, a neutral light.


Furniture of this style Pick up a bright, withsort of a touch of space. Futuristic chair balloon, a sofa in the shape of the lips, the items do not differ pretentiousness decor, their expressiveness inherent in the shape and bright colors. There is another approach - choose classic shapes (eg, head of the bed) and color them in acid color or apply a pop artovskoe motives.


Accessories - an integral part. Multi-colored blankets, carpets with colorful prints neon chandeliers perfectly fit into pop art. Hang colorful posters that you can buy, or print the draw itself. Make a collage of clippings, comics, stained canvas with bright colors - that's ready piece of furniture. Unusual from everyday, create and chudite, because it is called for in the pop art.

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