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Pomegranate-PINEAPPLE cup

Garnet pineapple cup

The word "cup" translated from French as "pitcher." And all because of the fact that the components of the drink mix in a jar.

Krushon tastes like punch, serve it chilled.

Soft cup are much less common than alcohol, usually drink champagne and wine are added.

You will need

  • - 2 bottles of white vina-
  • - Shampanskogo- bottle
  • - A bottle of mineral water-
  • - 2 granata-
  • - 1 ananas-
  • - 70 ml of orange liqueur.



Peel the pineapple peel, wash, cut into small cubes. To make it easier to cut the pineapple, its first cut into slices, and then cut out the core, and then into cubes.


Cut the pomegranate into several pieces, peel. Gather into a pitcher pomegranate juice, add the pineapple slices, pomegranate seeds.


Pour into a jug orange liqueur and stir, put a couple of hours in a dark cool place. For those who have a sweet tooth, we can recommend to use the sweet liqueur "Baileys".


Pour into a jar a bottle of white wine, again clean in a dark place for 1 hour, then add a second bottle of wine, champagne, and after - the mineral water.


For this recipe is better to take sodamineral water, it will give the cup the desired effect. Instead, you can use white wine and red - as you wish. Since the cup is required to infuse, cook it in advance before the event, which is going to bring a drink.

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