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How to make a pointer


How to make a pointer</a>

This subject is known to everyone from childhood. It symbolizes the school years and the impressionable people still cause a slight awe.

Speech, of course, about the pointer.

In memory of your apprenticeship and helping those who teach your children, you can make a pointer in just 20 minutes.

You will need

  • Wooden rake, plane, skin, varnish



Take the rail from a solid wood. Its length should be about 70 centimeters, and in section? 2.5x2.5 cm. At both ends of the workpiece, draw a pencil with an octagon, i.e. Cut off all four corners of the slats on each side. In the octagon, enter a circle that will touch all its sides.


Cut the edges along the entire length of the slat. Then in the resultant octagon cut each of the corners along the length of the pointer.


Further processing of the product is much easier. Without a strong pressure planing, walk through all the corners of the hexagon in turn. Repeat the procedure until the rack becomes a cylindrical shape.


At one end of the workpiece, drawVertical and horizontal axis. From the center point found in this way, retreat approximately 5 mm and draw a circle with a diameter of 1 cm - this is the upper end of the pointer.


Continue to process the part, seeking narrowing of the pointer. Mentally divide it into 3 parts. In the area of ​​the second and third parts, it should gradually taper towards the upper end.


Finish the finished pointer first with a large, and then with a fine sandpaper, its ends are rounded. Cover the product with a varnish.

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