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How do pointer

How to make a pointer

This subject is familiar to everyone since childhood. It symbolizes the high school years and especially impressionable still causes a slight trembling.

This, of course, about the orders.

In memory of his apprenticeship, and to help those who teach your children, you can do pointer just 20 minutes.

You will need

  • Wooden slats, planer, sandpaper, paint



Take the rail out of solid wood. Its length is about 70 centimeters, and in section? 2,5h2,5 see. Draw an octagon, ie at both ends of the blank with a pencil cutting off all four corners of the rack on each side. The octagon enter the circle, which will apply to all its sides.


Planer, remove the verge of the entire length of the rail. Then from the resulting octagon cut off each of the corners along the length of the pointer.


Then the product is much easier to handle. Without a strong push a plane go over all angles shestnadtsatiugolnika alternately. Repeat procedure up until rake obtains a cylindrical shape.


At one end of the draw blankvertical and horizontal axis. From the found a way back down the center point of approximately 5 mm, and draw a circle with a diameter of 1 cm - is the upper end of the pointer.


Continue to process the item, ensuring narrowing pointers. Mentally divide it into 3 parts. On the second and third section parts it needs to be gradually tapered toward the upper end.


Ready pointer treat the first major, and then fine sandpaper, round off the ends of her. Cover the product with varnish.

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