Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro</a>

Podgorica is an amazing place. This city can not be called a typical European capital, it has a very special color.

Here, the past and the present were wonderfully intertwined.

Podgorica is worthy of careful study, and even if you arrived for a beach holiday, give it a few days, you will not regret it.

Good to know

Podgorica - not only the capital, but also the mainAir gates of the country, usually tourists come here. The first thing people do is change money. Montenegro uses the euro. In the city there are many ATMs that allow you to withdraw money from the card and do not charge a commission. Cafes, restaurants and shops, as a rule, accept credit cards without problems. But just in case it's better to clarify.
Public transport in Podgorica is not tooIs developed, but if you are walking in the center, then you will not need it. When you still need to go somewhere, it is often easier to take a taxi. Buses in Podgorica are inexpensive, but they are very rare, and it is not easy to get a route map. A good option is to rent a car, it is often cheaper than a taxi.

Shopping and cuisine

Montenegro is not the main shopping center of Europe, but,Since you are here, why not buy things from famous brands at prices much lower than Russian ones? The largest shopping centers that will please you with an assortment are Delta City, Palada and Niki? Center. The city also has markets where you can buy cheap but short-lived things. It may be necessary if you did not take something with you on the weather.
The best restaurants of Podgorica can be found in the center. Pay special attention to fish dishes: here they are very tasty and unusual. The traditional cuisine of Montenegro also includes lamb and lamb meat, which is cooked here simply superbly. Cheese and honey in Podgorica are also very tasty. A traditional alcoholic drink is a lozovach - moonshine.

Sights of Podgorica

The old town is one of the most interesting places inPodgorica. Take a walk through the narrow, winding streets, from time to time you will go out to the towers with the clock, then to the beautiful mosques, then to completely European buildings. During walks in Podgorica, you seem to be transported in time to a medieval city, in which the colors of East and West blended.
Among European architectural monuments it is possibleHighlight the castle of King Nikola (it houses an art gallery). Nearby there is a monument to the king himself, and opposite is the park. There was a place in Podgorica and the Soviet-Russian past: there is a monument to Pushkin, and a monument to Vysotsky.
Beautiful bridges of Podgorica: Millennium (go there at night) and the old bridge of the Vizier. Surroundings of Podgorica are also very interesting. There you can find churches and buildings built in the X century. Skard Lake - the largest in Montenegro - is also located near Podgorica.

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