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Pocket money

Pocket money

Many parents ask themselves: why is the child needs money when they give him the best, and for how much.

Such questions will sooner or later concern for all parents.

What is pocket money? Firstly, this is some certain amount of money, which is issued by the child to complete his order. Pocket Money plays a very important role. At least, they allow the child to feel more mature and more responsible, and this is already done. If at least from time to time, the child will not be able to buy himself something that he likes, he may feel about this negative emotion. As a result, he may develop greed or envy of the rest of the children who give pocket money.

Parents who are against spending money,They believe that the child is still small, and that is why parents need to buy things for him. Why? He himself was not able to make the right choice, so it is best to get rid of that responsibility. In addition, if you give him even the smallest amount of out of pocket expenses, it can be capricious and spoiled. Other parents believe that pocket money is needed.

Right and those and other parents, but the best thingthis case - the golden mean. First, do not give pocket money to your child if he does not go to school. After all, but preschoolers should play games, not to count the income. If you think that a child is ready to ensure that the receiving pocket money, make sure that they become his blackmail concessions, otherwise the young "blackmailer" understand that it is enough just a little push to get the money.

The amount that you will give your baby is entirelyand completely depends on the family income, but do not forget that the pocket money by definition should not be large. When a child receives money for personal expenses, he must also receive certain responsibilities, because if he believes that he is able to manage money, so he has grown to some household chores.

But we should not forget at the same time that the pocketmoney should not be tied to any estimates or to assignments, because it is a risk that the child will not take out the garbage or teaching history, because he was not paid. The best way to encourage good behavior his. In addition, this very popular, you prove to him that the money actually earned and not given a reason.

Do not try to pocket money to buy off the worries and the problems associated with the child. Such a rule is usually followed by the founding fathers of the businessmen who do not want to waste time and energy on raising children.

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