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SANITARY WARE in the house: installation and repair by one's own hands


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Plumbing is available in every home.

To install and repair it requires knowledge.

In order to perform the work, it is necessary to have instructions for the installation of the instrument and tools.

Plumbing in the house: installation and repair by their own hands

Plumbing is a mustAny home, part of its comfort and coziness. To ensure a good living conditions for a person, it must be quality and properly established. But this does not mean that the work must necessarily be done by a plumber. Installation and repair of plumbing by their own hands are well done by many people. In order to work on the installation of a plumbing device yourself, you should have instructions on how to do it. For example, we will analyze the sequence of actions necessary to mount a toilet bowl.

Installation of a toilet bowl

Its installation will require the following tools andMaterials: a hammer, a screwdriver, a core, a wrench, a drill with drill bits for concrete and a sealing material for joints (plumbing or FUM tape). To install the toilet in the toilet, you need to use the existing holes (made earlier by the builders) for the supply of cold water and sewage pipes. In order to perform the fastening, it is necessary to mark the place of installation on the tile laid and mark the holes for the fastenings. First, we make small marks for the holes, then drill them with drill bits for concrete. Dowels with bolts of fastenings are inserted into the formed holes. They do not have to be fully tightened at once, this we will do during the final installation of the toilet.
The connecting corrugation must be installed at one endOn the pipe of a toilet bowl, and the other - connect to the end of the discharge sewer. Cold water is connected using a flexible hose or copper tube. It is necessary to pay attention to the pipe in the wall, it happens with an internal thread and with an external thread. If the pipe has an internal thread, then you need to use a special adapter.
Each threaded connection must beWrap flax or tape FUM. Now proceed to mount the corrugation, it joins through the copper adapter. After all the holes are connected, we begin the installation of the toilet, tighten all the bolts, while adjusting its correct fit into place. Bolts and nuts should not touch the ceramic toilet bowl, for which it is necessary to apply rubber gaskets and plastic fasteners.

Metal bolts and nuts can be used, butThey should be installed very carefully, so as not to damage the ceramic product itself. Particular attention during work should be drawn to their neat tightening.

We check the stability of the toilet bowl and finally tighten the bolts. Then we set the lid of the tank and install the water drain button.

On the need to repair equipment

The above is a detailed description of the installation of the toilet bowl. But the apartment also contains other equipment and appliances.

Among the sanitary elements are: valves and taps, cold and hot water meters, mixers.

For example, kitchen and bath can also require repairs. You must be able to perform installation and repair of other sanitary elements.

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