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Plowing land with a motor-block: pluses and minuses


With the invention of motoblocks, the life of summer residents andTruck farmers during the excavation work on household plots was greatly facilitated. Now there is no need to manually turn the cubic meters of soil, this work will be performed by a mechanical device. Currently there are many brands of both domestic and imported motor cultivators, but in general their characteristics are the same, they differ only in price and fuel consumption.

Plowing land with a motor-block: pluses and minuses
Of course, motor cultivators, or motoblocks, thisA significant help to all gardeners. They are also called pedestrian tractors. They allow you to process large areas of land in a relatively short period of time, consume a small amount of fuel while working (which means they are quite economical means for plowing the land). Cultivators are very mobile, which allows them to be used on any land, regardless of its area and the availability of entrances. In addition, you can use one device for two or three households (plots).

Modern motor cultivators provideThe ability to set the depth of plowing of the earth in the range of 10 to 25 cm, which is very convenient, as it is known to periodically improve the yield by periodically digging the earth to the full depth of the fertile layer in order to update the upper layer of the soil. All this is the best possible when plowing soil cultivator.

Types of devices

All devices can be divided into two types:
- manual,
- Wheeled.

Wheel cultivators are similar to compact tractors, theyWork at the expense of the traction force of the running gear. The cutter on the driving axis literally bites into the ground. Such devices are universal, because instead of the cutter you can install a harrow, and even a seeder. Because the compact tractors are very fond of farmers.

Hand-held devices can only be hand-heldIn part, they also have wheels, but they serve only for the convenience of control. If a person travels literally on a minitractor, then with a manual one we have to pass hundreds of weeds. Mills in such devices, as a rule, are not removable, although expensive models can be found in the kit even a hiller.

Both types of devices are very safe, for example,All have protective covers that prevent the release of stones from under the cutters, as well as falling under the cutter of the operator's limbs. Automatic devices with motors are provided with means for switching off the motor in the absence of controlled control. This means that if the operator is distracted by something, the motoblock will simply stall.

Advantages and disadvantages

However, gardeners motor cultivators do not favoralways. So, for example, you can not use the device if you have a lot of weeds on the land with deep roots. When plowing the land with a motoblock, you will only deepen and multiply them, as the earthen layer drifts to the side using a single-pile plow (also called a share), which is mounted on the motor-block.

Because of the heap, the upper layer of the soil also shifts. This, of course, does not matter, but such an annual "movement" must be taken into account when planning landings.

Plowed with a motor-block the ground still needsIn addition to processing in view of the fact that it usually turns out a lump, i.e. For planting the soil must be additionally fenced. A particularly thorough boronage should be carried out on solid soils.

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