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Play with sand

Playing with sand

Playing with sand contribute to the development of imagination, creativity and perseverance of the baby.

It is imperative to encourage the child and help him, if he likes to spend hours messing around in the sandbox, to sift the sand and build castles, mountains and various tunnels.

If you add more toys, then the baby will have its own unique world, where he invents and dreams, learning to work and achieve their goals.

When the child playing with sand and touches his hands, he develops motor skills of hands. Good eye child develops at a time when the child identifies as necessary to pour sand into a mold.

Every mother has to play with the child in the following games

• «Prints". Leave your own prints in the sand feet or hands and ask the child to supplement them with the stones, twigs and leaves. Can get funny faces and figures.

• «Mouse-norushka". It is necessary to teach a child to dig holes in the sand. Build houses and tunnels. To captivate the child, it is necessary to use a toy. Let the kid learns to build houses for favorite toys.

• «Fence for bunnies." You can teach a child to build a fence by sand prihlopyvaniya palms. Let build a fence, behind which bunny can hide from the wolf or a sly fox.

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