GAMES with sand

Sand Games</a>

Games with sand contribute to the development of imagination, creativity and perseverance in the baby.

It is necessary to encourage the child and help him if he likes to spend hours in the sandbox, sift the sand and build castles, mountains and various tunnels.

If you add more toys, then the baby will have his own unique world, where he himself comes up and fantasizes, learns to work and achieve his goal.

When a child plays with sand and touches it with his hands, he develops the motor skills of his hands. The child's eye sight develops at a time when the child determines how much sand should be poured into the mold.

Each mother should play with the child in the following games

• "Imprints". Leave on the sand prints of your own feet or palms and ask the child to supplement them with pebbles, twigs and leaves. Could be funny muzzles and figures.

• The mouse-norushka. It is necessary to teach the child how to dig holes in the sand. Build houses and tunnels. To carry away the child, it is necessary to use a toy. Let the kid learn to build houses for your favorite toys.

• "Fence for the Bunny". You can teach a child to build a fence of sand by clapping hands. Let him build a fence, beyond which the bunny will be able to hide from a wolf or a cunning fox.

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