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The playground in the cellar

The playground in the cellar

If your family has young children, then you know that they are always something so busy.

Ideally it would be great to build a playground, so that your children are with their friends could play calmly, for example, in the basement.



It will be just fine, if you paint the basement in a variety of colors and draw, for example, what some cartoon characters. Greater importance is, of course, will not have, but still.


In the basement is cold, so it is useful totake care of the insulation. For example, you can add as much material to maintain the heat. For example, a large warm carpet. It is best to provide a variety of shapes and colors of the child, he will be pleased that they are taking part in this.


Think about what kind of furniture you end upput in the basement. Be sure to put the cupboards with toys. They should be not only bright, but also more durable and not only to please the child, but also last for many years.

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