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How to play with the kitten


How to play with the kitten</a>

Kittens are small lumps of fluffy energy, and games are vital for them not only for entertainment, but for physical development, for the realization of their hunting instincts (after all, cats are predators).

But, playing with the kitten, it should be remembered that entertainment should be safe, and at the same time interesting.



When kittens mature with their brothers orSisters, they often fight among themselves, attacking each other, rolling on the floor and rapaciously pressing their ears to the head. If there are no comrades in games, the kitten often pounces on the owner's hands, tries to attack his feet, releases claws and tries his teeth. Such games can not be encouraged. Firstly, several times successively "defeating" your hand, the kitten will cease to perceive you as an authoritative leader. Secondly, an adult animal, not accustomed to the fact that the host's body is taboo, can cause you to suffer significant injuries in a fit of aggression. Therefore, stop any attempt by the kitten to play this way with the person.


To fluffy baby could feelA hunter and a winner, you can buy or make the most "fishing pole" - a stick with a rope tied to it with a toy on the end. Constant delight in kittens is caused by classical paper bows tied to the thread. The game will be especially interesting in the event that the object will constantly change direction and speed of movement.

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The toy can be slowly dragged along the floor, forcedJump up, sharply raise and so on. Sometimes give in, giving a small predator to grab the prey. With enthusiasm kittens are chasing and behind the light from the laser pointer, but then you have to be careful and make sure that the laser beam does not hit the animal in the eyes.

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Most of the kittens are able to have a good time withAll sorts of balls, chasing them on the floor. Here you can use and balls for table tennis, and special cat toys, sold at pet stores, and miniature rubber balls, sold in vending machines in many supermarkets. Well suited for cat games and small clockwork toys (mice, birds, jumping frogs and so on).

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In pet stores are sold and specialResearch games for cats. They can be a labyrinth from which you need to extract a small ball from a paw with a hole, inside of which a fluffy toy on a spiral hides and so on. Not all kittens like these games, but if your pet is persistent and persistent, with the help of such a toy he can independently entertain himself for quite some time.

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Another kind of toy for kittens - softBalls or mice with catnip inside. Some cats are absolutely indifferent to the smell of this plant, but for others its smell is very attractive. Representatives of the second category will spend a lot of time with mint toys.

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