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How to play Uno

How to play Uno

There are some universal games that you can play the whole company at the age from small to large, and thus will be interesting for everyone.

One of these games is the UNO. This game from the category of family games came to our country from Europe and quickly found its fans.

It is worth it is not very expensive, placed literally in your pocket.

The rules are not complicated, just need to find a few minutes to study them.

And the first few times you can play with hints.

You will need

  • - 1 set of cards UNO-
  • - Participants from 2 to 10.



Each player must take a single card to determine the dealer. Donating is the one who has the highest card.


The dealer shuffles the deck and puts everyone on7 cards. The remaining cards are stacked "buy" face down, and the top card from "buy" laid out face up next - it will be a stack of "Reset".


The game starts to the person sitting to the left of the dealer. He has put in a pile of "Reset" map corresponding to the color available there, by seniority or by value. Then turn passes to the next player.


If "Reset" is put the card with a value of"On the contrary", the game changes direction, that is, the following will not be left to the player, and one that sits to the right. So it will be until "Reset" is not put back the card "On the contrary." We must be very careful not to get confused and do not abuse sabotage neighbor. Lucky you if you have a suitable card in reserve, in the event that the course will go back to you.


If your hands do not have a suitable card or a player does notwants for some reason to spend it, then "buy" another card is taken. If it fits, it goes into the "Reset", if not, the turn goes to the next, and draw a card player takes.


In addition to the "contrary" is in the deck a few moreactive cards with different values, which can be fairly "annoy" rivals. "Take Two" - means that the next player has to take from "buy" on the hands themselves two cards at once. "Skip the course" - the turn passes to the next. "Order flowers" - this card can dramatically change the course of the game. She put on a card of any value and thus is called a color that will be convenient to put it to the player. And then during the game it will be assumed that the "Reset" is exactly the color that has been called, as long as its someone again would not change.


The most "cool" card - a "Book color and takefour". It not only changes the color of the game but also prescribe the next player to take four extra cards from "buy" by passing, respectively, your turn.


The goal - to throw all the cards. When one of the players there is only one card in hand, it is the most responsible, the climax. This player has to shout "UNO!", Which means "one". But if he forgets to do it, but someone catch him in the gullibility and shout "UNO!" Instead, that player shall be fined in the amount of two cards from "buy." This salt the game - you have to be fully concentrated and monitor not only your cards, and with the game, but also for the number of cards your opponents to catch before they realized, to shout "UNO!", As well as to ensure that no one I did not break the rules.


For violations rely fines. For example, it is impossible to suggest - a fine of two cards from "buy." If a player is caught on that put the wrong card, he must take it, take another two cards from "buy" and pass the course. It is impossible without a good reason to use the card "Order flowers and take four," but only if you really do not have on hand the best. If a player has caused suspicion, he must show all their cards a person whose turn next and who will be forced to take extra four cards. In this case, if the suspicions proved to be in vain, suspicious neighbor is punished on two cards from "buy." But if it concerns "set up" confirmed, the culprit himself takes four additional cards and skips his turn.


This classic UNO rules. The prospectus accompanying the game, you can find other versions of the game - alone, in pairs. Also, complicated techniques as «UNO seven-zero", for example. If you decide to play in such an option, then every time falls zero, all participants will be required to give their cards to neighbors in the direction of the game. And if you fall seven, the player who put it into the "Reset", exchanged cards with any player of your choice.


UNO game on attention and speed of reaction. Increase the pace of the game as the accumulation of experience - to the maximum possible. When the period of development of regulations passed, the real battle begins. And I must say, it is very addictive, and tangible benefits for the brain.

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