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How to play the song Everything is going according to plan ...

How to play the song Everything is going according to plan ...

Creativity group "Civil defense" quite popular among guitarists.

Learning to play the song "Everything is going according to plan" is not very difficult to learn to master chords and playing techniques with a strong desire will be able to even a novice.



The basis of any song - this is the technique of the game, whichyou apply for execution. Play the song "Everything is going according to plan" can be an ordinary battle, which is often used in the songs of Victor Tsoi. Driving this fight is: v v v ^. This means that you first need to make three strokes down on the strings, and then one up.


The chords of the song "Everything is going according to plan" may varydepending on that key, in which you want to play. But oersteds standard best suited for the original are: C, E, Am, F. Throughout their songs the procedure is slightly different.


Loss and verse are played in a chordsequence: Am, F, C, E. Because unchanged played the first four lines, and the words: "And all the dirt into a naked ice" E chord falls.


Chorus, namely the main words of the song: "And everything goes according to plan", start with the chords E, followed by Am, and to the loss of F and C. A simplified version of the game - just to alternate chords E and F. End chorus should accord E.


To fight sounded in rhythm with the words, rearrangenew chord on the moment when you make a blow "up on the strings' (^). Play a song first at a slow pace, it is good to learn the right rhythm when will gain more confidence, accelerates technology.

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