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How to play the other Maynkraft

How to play the other Maynkraft

When you pass a new game, it captivates you with unexpected challenges. More fun is to play computer games with your friends.

Many of the fans to run on the computer worlds wondering how to play with a friend Maynkraft.

Why play with a friend Maynkraft

Maynkraft - a world where you can not onlyfight the aggressors, provided by the game itself, but also join a team, fighting against other players. Playing with a friend in Maynkraft, you can achieve much more. So how can you get together the resources to enjoy all the buildings together, organize military campaigns against other players, your success in the game can be multiplied twice.

The game Maynkraft play with your friends can be on the network.

How to play with your friends over the Internet Maynkraft

To travel the world cubic friendlynow, you need to install the computers each player Maynkraft, go on the Internet and find an interesting server. To get there with friends in the overall game, you need only login to the system to register with the ip address of the same.

Meet with your friend, plan joint campaigns, communicating in chat, private chat with fellow territory specify name owners section.

By the way, to play Maynkraft even cooler would be if chat while playing on the phone or, for example, through the Skype program.

The choice of free and paid servers with differentcards and add-ons Maynkraft on the Internet is huge. To find a suitable, please refer to the search engine, read the forums maynkrafterov or visit the relevant groups in social networks.

How to play with a friend over a local network Maynkraft

There is another option that allows you to play withanother in Maynkraft together. He helped us very much, if at least one player no access to the Internet. This is done using a local area network. Unfortunately, if your computers are far away from each other, to carry out such a connection does not succeed. But if the problem is solved by distance, you need to insert a wire to connect on a local network in both computers. He usually included adsl modem, or you can always buy the right cable length in a specialty store.

To play Maynkraft other network, it is necessaryconfigure the connection. To do this, go to "Start & gt-panel upravleriya & gt-Network Management and Sharing Center." The left side of the window that opens, find the "Change Adapter Settings & gt-Local Area Connection", then click the "Network" and in the section properties uncheck the line "Internet 6 (TCP / IPv6) protocol", and in the cell about

Protocol 4 (TCP / IPv4) on the contrary tick. As an ip address write numbers: In the "Subnet Mask" complete the following: In the column "Default Gateway" write: In «DNS server" section, put down the numbers: Save the settings by filling out the same information on the connected devices.

Replace the computer server and Maynkrafta server.properties park, instead of ip addresses, filled figures, write server-ip =. In line online-mode = enter true.

To play on a local network in Maynkraft with friends, they must be at the entrance to the section, which specifies the server napisat192.168.0.1: 25565.

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