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How to play her husband on the first of April


How to play her husband on the first of April</a>

The flow of a measured and calm family life should be cheered up with fussy jokes in honor of the first of April.

To play her husband does not seem so easy - the duration of family relations allows you to learn the habits of the couple and instantly recognize the planned cunning maneuver.

Consider the most original rallies for the husband, on which it will be difficult to "pierce".

You will need

  • A deck of cards, a film about love, a parodist



Play a sketch from the famous anecdote, whenUnexpectedly the husband returns home and finds his wife ... But in what and with whom he finds his wife - it's up to you. To get a good joke, and the husband did not take offense, probably, you should not resort to the actor's talents of a neighbor and ask him to play along. It is better to do so. The husband rings the door, and you do not open (take care that on that day he does not forget the keys). Finally, he enters the house and sees clothes scattered in a chaotic order, male and female. And he hears hot explanations in love, sighs, ahs, etc. To do this, include an excerpt from melodrama, where the hero in a fit of passion is explained in love. Here, the husband in a fit of rage will run into the bedroom and see you in the evening dress, with make-up and styling. On the bed lay the rose petals "first April". This draw will further bring your relationship closer and understand how dear you are to each other.


Surprise the husband with your third eye. I mean, say that you visited a psychic during the day, and under his hypnosis you have a third eye, which means that you know how to predict the future. Of course, he will not believe your serious tone of voice and a withdrawn facial expression (you need to practice in facial expressions), but here you also ask him to test your abilities. Tell him how he spent the day at work, with whom he saw, what emotions he experienced, what he experienced, etc. To do this, arrange with his colleague or secretary, so that you can be told the details of his day by phone while the husband returns home. To enhance the effect, let him ask about the fulfillment of desire. You will tell him to count out the first four cards from the deck of cards, and take out the fifth one. He pulls it out and looks at the inside of the card - "C 1 April, expensive". Also, a minute before his arrival, you can invite home a few acquaintances whom he has never seen, and they would loudly discuss your clairvoyant talents by lining up. But with the arrival of her husband, you would authoritatively tell them that the reception is over, and, they say, come tomorrow.


Agree with a parodist (a talented friendOr find an actor) about the phone call to her husband. Actor voice of the president of the country or a famous person will tell him that he won the contest, he became elected or something like that. Let for a few minutes your husband be proud of himself and have the opportunity to talk with your favorite actor, singer or politician.

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