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How to play the guitar battle

How to play the guitar battle

In early-Soviet period the boys wanted to be astronauts, chauffeurs, doctors, firefighters and police officers.

The choice of profession has played a big role in his time.

In the 70s and 80s entered the Beatles fashion, and since then many of the boys lit a dream to play on the guitar, not for the glory, for themselves and those who will listen to them.

You will need

  • Acoustic guitar, plectrum and knowledge of chords.



The game begins with a guitar under the name of science"How to hold the pick." But learn this skill in one day is impossible. The mediator is characterized by its sharpness and clarity extract audio when playing the guitar. But you need to keep it too well. There are two ways to correct retention mediator in hand:

- Can be clamped mediator padded thumb and forefinger, with the mediator of acute part is directed downward, ie in parallel by paltsam-

- Can be clamped mediator pads and largeforefinger, while the mediator is like an extension of the index finger (it should take the form of the letter "G"), and the thumb must be put perpendicular to the index finger.
The latter method is the most popular among guitarists, because with it you can move at high speed across the strings and instantly suppress them.


Before embarking on the execution of the song, you need tolearn to play the battle, if required by a particular song. There are many types of fights, and each player chooses one of them to taste. Often it develops a new battle, which uses in his songs. The simplest, which can be applied to almost all of the songs is composed of three strikes on the strings - ??? (First down on the strings, then up and down again). A more complex and beautiful fight looks like this - ??????. The most important condition for the fight game - is patience. After all, the game measured and correct statement of the hands during the game - is the key to a good game.

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