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How to play the grandparents

Moscow classics can draw on modern coating

Grandparents today's kids, too, were children.

Like all children in the world, they love to play, with no computers or game consoles they did not.

But it was a lot of mobile, desktop, plot-role-playing games, which can be interesting and modern children.

Attributes can be made with your own hands.

You will need

  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - skakalka-
  • - knife-
  • - Iron jar with sand or stone.



As children, the current grandparents veryWe spent much time on the street. Barely had time to melt snow, as in all the yards there were groups of girls and boys with balls, ropes, knives and other interesting objects. Jump rope did not have to buy in the store - some games had to be something like a rope, which is for sale has not been found. Suited, for example, a piece of rubber hose. For the game "hopscotch" needed only a piece of chalk and cue ball - filled with sand jar from under the shoe-cream or candy. It could serve as a cue ball and the most common stone.


"Classic" there was a great variety. Almost every household had its own rules. The most popular option - "simple". On flat ground, draw a rectangle, dividing its longitudinal line in 2 equal strips, each of which, in turn, is divided into horizontal lines by 5 squares. In the corner of each square put a figure. "Kdassikov" get only ten playing should jump into each one by one, without stepping on the line. After the first five squares sometimes you can relax. In the part of the rectangle that is farther away from the first and tenth squares, draw a half circle and write there the word "vacation". However, there were versions of the game, when in the semicircle wrote something like "Fire" or "hell", and then jump into it was impossible in any case. The game can go on for quite some time. The player stands in front of a square with the number "1" in the square throws the cue ball jumps and it is on one leg. Similarly, in the same way he should gallop through squares. Special Conditions negotiated, it is possible to omit leg or not. In general, the method specified in advance. You can jump on two legs, eyes closed, back and forth, etc. "Moscow classics" have a different configuration, for them it was necessary to jump it on one leg, then on two. In general, the rules could think of each - as, indeed, and the location of squares. The initiative is most welcome.


No less than the classics, was the game optionsrope. To get started, just try to jump on two feet, twisting the rope forward. There may be two ways - with or without a jump. In a first embodiment, the middle of the rope touches the floor, the player jumps through it, and then, until the cord goes behind your back, jumps again. The second option you need to rotate the rope very quickly to the second time not to touch the ground legs. Rules varied. You could twist the rope forward, backward, hop on one or two feet, to alternate legs, cross them. Play could pairs. For example, one girl started the game and should not be interrupted, and the second had to quickly drop a rope, stand in front, and also to start to gallop. If one of the partners stepping on the rope, the couple had to rest, and in its place stood up the other team. He wins the one who will do more jumps and do not be mistaken.


There were some variations of games with a skipping rope, when twoPlayer twisted cord, and the third jump. Jump Rope for such a game should be quite long and difficult, so that typically do not like to turn anyone. At the beginning of the game, select the "Twister" rhyme, and then they will replace the one who stepped on the rope. Start twist, the third player has to jump and gallop as required by the rules. For example, in the old days of practice this option. The player jumps makes one jump over the rope and runs. Second player jumps, too, makes one jump and jumps. In the next round I had to jump over the cord twice, then - three times, etc. He wins the one who will make more jumps. A rope can twist towards the playing, and in the opposite direction. Position legs also can be agreed in advance.


For the very beginning there was a simplerversion of the game with a skipping rope. Put the two players who have to pull the rope a short distance from the ground. The third player let him jump in any convenient way. In the next round rope is raised above is then higher. When it touches the jumper, it replaces one of the tensioning. When the next time he is able to jump rope pull to the level at which a player was eliminated in the last round.


The street children were playing in the low mobility of the game. These games include, for example, the game "in the knives." Draw a circle on the ground and divide it by the number of players. Each player must stand on its own piece of land. The die is select the person who will throw the first knife. The knife should be stuck in the ground neighbor. If it succeeds, the thrower is allowed to cut a piece of "enemy territory" by joining a place where the knife was stuck with the center straight line. The player, who has not left the earth, is eliminated. How to throw a knife, should specify in advance. This can be done, squatting, standing, standing on one knee, etc. The most nimble players threw the knife over his shoulder.

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