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How to play "Fish Place 2"

How to play "Fish Place 2"

Fishing has always been an exciting experience not only for many men, but for some women.

In this process, it is important to everything: equipment, search the best bait, leaving the nature, exploration of fisheries - and, of course, a catch.

On the Internet, this process is transformed into a popular game such as "Gone Fishing".



"Gone Fishing 2" - browser-based game, in contrast to thethe first network. So go to it from any social network, in which you have registered: My world Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook, twitter. Account for at least one of them there. If not - at any register. After each network you go to the same site of the game at this address: http://www.rybmesto.ru/. Come and chat on the link on this site-and then click the mouse on the social network in which you are registered.


For the first time as a beginner go to the gamethe link from this site: http://gonefishing.narod.ru/udochki.htm. It will bring you two gifts: a collector's bait and 50 gold coins (drimmov). And they are in the game you will be very useful.


Meeting with Kuzmich, a seasoned fisherman, immediatelyupon entering you will greatly benefit. Listen carefully to his advice, he will give throughout the game, after they are transformed into tasks (quests). Their frequency and complexity do not try to predict. Just choose the ones that are feasible for you at this stage. And starting to perform one task, monitor the emergence of new ones. They may be similar, and then you can easily run several tasks at once. This will give you more energy and more silver coins.


On the left, in the upper corner of the screen, next to yourText from your account, track their status at three scales: money, power and experience. During the game the energy is constantly decreasing (and it needs to be replenished), the experience acquired. Silver coins you earn, but you need to buy gold for real money.


Catch fish in different locations, youYou will be able to see on the map ( "compass" button). Means for fishing here is just a fishing rod. But it is completely ready for use, that is, to acquire additional fishing line, hook, bobber, and others. Is not necessary. Many rods, but do not rush to buy them as soon as they become available. Calculate your finances.


Choose the necessary bait and fertilizer, a lot of them. Along the way, plucking the fishing experience, you will learn which of them would be better to be caught or that fish.


For this entertaining game developed by participants and helper files. Two of them, "Tyanulka" and "Dolbilka" you will find here: http://koteyka-2.ho.ua/rm_2.html


In "Gone Fishing 2" involves many players: both fishermen and fisherwomen. Compete with them, share your impressions on the game forum, ask questions - and rise to the top ranks rating.

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