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How to play a girlfriend on the phone


How to play a girlfriend on the phone</a>

The first of April is a day that gives a lot of smiles, joy and laughter. On this day, it's just impossible to refrain from playing out one of your friends or girlfriends.

There are so many ways to play your friends and girlfriends.

The most cheerful and original is a telephone rally.



First of all, it is worth considering that the girlsAre often quite touchy and can easily be upset or angry with you because of your attempt to play it. That's why approach to the choice of your jokes carefully and deliberately. If your girlfriend is uncomplicated and has a good sense of humor, a lot of positive emotions are guaranteed to her.


The most harmless variants of telephoneThe rally is a late-night call, a stupid question given to the girl. The purpose of such a call is to force your friend to quit or be flexible and support your joke as much as possible. Then you can laugh together.


One simple example is to call by making your ownVoice serious and official, and ask the question: "Hello, is this the police (hospital, morgue)?" Here you can give such a recommendation: before the call it is desirable to rehearse your speech, so that it sounds plausible and convincing. Such a call late at night or at night is frightening and just knocking out of sound mind, the chance to cause a stupor from a girlfriend is almost one hundred percent.


And here is an alternative, no less fun version. Dialog:
- Hello, hello, this is the number XXX-XX-XX (any numbers)?
- No, you got the wrong number
- And why then took the phone?


Having tried, you can easily invent manyVarious options for telephone rally and himself. Approaching the business with imagination and humor, you can come up with creative and original ideas that will not be like the others. A successful rally on the phone is a lot of laughter, smiles and good mood.

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