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How to play the girlfriend by phone

How to play the girlfriend by phone

April Fool's Day - the day, which gives a lot of smiles, joy and laughter. This day is simply impossible to resist, not to play any of his friends or girlfriends.

There are plenty of ways to play their friends and girlfriends.

The most fun and original - prank call.



First of all, it is worth considering the fact that the girlsoften quite sensitive and easily upset or angry at you because of your attempt to play it. That is why the approach to the choice of your jokes are carefully and deliberately. If your girlfriend is the thick-skinned and has a good sense of humor, a lot of positive emotions she assured.


The most innocuous variants of the phonethe drawing is a call late at night, stupid question asked by the girl. The purpose of such a call - make your girlfriend at a loss to hang up or to show flexibility and support your fun as possible. Then you can laugh together.


A simple example - call, making yourvoice serious and official, and ask the question: "Hello, this is the police (Hospital morgue)?" It is possible to give such advice: before calling desirable to rehearse his speech to make it sound believable and convincing. Such a call late in the evening or at night is terrifying, and just knocks of sound mind, a chance to cause a screeching halt at the girlfriend is almost one hundred percent.


And here is the alternate, no less fun option. Dialog:
- Hello, hello, this number XXX-XX-XX (any numbers)?
- No, you got the wrong number
- Why then we took the tube?


Try, you can easily devise a set ofa variety of options and prank call myself. Approach to business with imagination and humor, you can come up with creative and original ideas that will not look like the others. A good joke on the phone - it's a lot of laughter, smiles and good mood.

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