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How to play the boss of April 1,

How to play the boss of April 1,

April Fools' jokes are very popular now, they cover the broad masses as those who like to joke, and those over whom joking.

Anyone who will take advantage of a good opportunity to make fun of friends on the first of April. The drawing must be original and unexpected, so you need a lot of patience and a few good ideas.

Before you is a difficult task to play the boss, do not be afraid, because the head of the same person, and he will appreciate your sense of humor and mischief.



The most harmless joke on April 1,associated with its work space. Come in the morning before anyone else to work to gain access to the computer and unplug the mouse from the computer. When the chief comes to work, you can see how your boss confused reboots the computer, because his computer freezes, and does not respond to mouse movement.


Use the drawing of the clock, just change the time in the office an hour ahead, let the chief lost in time and decide that late for work.


If you are brave enough, you can amuse chef, Told him about the work done the voice of cartoon characters.

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