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How to play the chef on April 1st


How to play the chef on April 1st</a>

April Fools' jokes are very popular now, they embrace the broad masses, both those who like to joke and those who are joking.

Anyone will take advantage of the opportunity to play a trick on acquaintances on the first of April. The rally must be original and sudden, so you need to be patient and have a few good ideas.

Before you is a difficult task to play the boss, do not be afraid, because the boss is also a man, and he will appreciate your mischief and sense of humor.



The most innocuous rally on the first of April,Connected with his workplace. Come early in the morning to work, to gain access to the computer, and disconnect the mouse from the computer. When the boss comes to work, you can watch how your boss in confusion reboots the computer, because his computer is frozen, and the mouse does not respond to movements.


Take advantage of the drawing with the clock, just put the clock in the office an hour ahead, let the boss get lost in time and decide that he was late for work.


If you are brave enough, you can amuse yourself Chef, Reporting to him on the work done by the voice of the cartoon character.

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