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How to play tablature

Tabs - a convenient alternative to recording and performing music

Tabs? convenient alternative for recording and playing of guitar music.

In this system, often written notes for electric and bass guitars.

From the usual five-line notation, it differsthe fact that the number of lines equal to the number of strings on the instrument (the most common types of tablature are based on the 4 and 6 product lines), and instead of circles, notes, or put on it the number clamped fret.

Calm notes and pauses signs coincide with counterparts from the five-line system.

You will need

  • Guitar (any of the family) -
  • Collected works in tabulaturah-
  • For the corresponding electric equipment (amplifier, processor, cables).



Open a collection and select the product that you like. You can pre-listen to it, if it is recorded in audio format. Then start the analysis of the text.
Do you remember learning to read? Most likely, the first syllable, then gradually increased fluency now you run the line for a few seconds. Start reading tablature also need to slowly, as if the syllables. First, learn the first sentence of the works of, say, four bars. Play at a pace that the left hand is time to clamp the string, and the right to tweak. At the same time pay attention to specific touches: lifting, sliding, vibrato, trills and other. In various collections for one and the same device can be used by different designations.


After losing the passage slowly several times, thenaverage pace, play it in the original. Go to the next chapter and learn it the same way: slowly? medium? fast. Connect the two fragments.


Likewise, learn, and connect the other pieces of songs. Get ready, it would take more than one day.

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