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How to play pes together


How to play pes together</a>

The game Pro Evolution Soccer from the company Konami -One of the most popular and realistic football simulators in the world. It allows fans to approach the atmosphere of sporting confrontations both when playing with a computer, and when fighting a live opponent.

Of course, playing against another person can be many times more interesting.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - keyboard-
  • - Two joysticks.



You can play PES on your personalComputer locally (without Internet connection). To do this, you need either two joysticks, or a joystick and a keyboard. Invite your friend to play virtual football in your home. Given the interest in Russia in this game, he will most likely agree to accept your invitation.


For a qualitative and pleasant both opponents of the gameYou must first configure the control. Start PES, select the "Controller Settings" menu. It describes which button is responsible for the kick, which one is for the pass. Going to the tab "Defense Strategies", you can see the buttons for rolling and selecting the ball, controlling the goalkeeper.


Explain your opponent's management. If he is an experienced player in PES, he can already be all clear. If he played in other simulators (for example, FIFA), you can replace the function keys. To do this, click on the sections "Paz", "Rollback", etc. In the "Controller settings" and press the desired key.


After this, you can proceed directly to theGame in PES together. Select the "Single player" section, in it, place the controller icons in different directions (one player needs to press left and one player to the right). Select the commands. It is advisable to choose clubs from one championship or teams equal in strength (so it will be more honest). The strength of the team is expressed in the stars. The difference between the "star" of the teams should not exceed one point.

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