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How to play on the network in the "Guild 2"

How to play on the network in the "Guild 2"

"The Guild 2" - a virtual simulator of the Middle Ages. The game has tens of thousands of fans around the world.

How to play "Guild 2" on the network with the fans of MMO RPG?

How to find worthy opponents?



Download the game. It is free, you can find a "Guild 2" on the official website. Depending on the speed of your connection to file download can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours.


Install the game "The Guild 2" on your computer. Run it, go to "network game" section. This will take you to a standard server The Gueld 2. It is played mostly by representatives of foreign countries (USA, UK, Japan).


You can connect to an existing game orcreate your own. To connect to the gameplay, select the room (Open Room). You will be asked to choose a character and clan, also offered to get acquainted with the history of the game. Chat in the "Guild 2" opens the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z, a separate dialog box - Ctrl + D. As mentioned above, on a standard server game, you can find English-speaking gamers - have to communicate with them in English.


If you want to create a game from scratch,Select Create Room tab ( "Create room"). You will be prompted to select a map of possible characters, the number of clans and the script. Warning: experienced players rarely join the rooms created by the newcomers.


At the Arena site.net you will be able to join the largest community of fans of the game "The Guild 2". Choose Add Server menu tab, copy the IP interests of the Community. Now add the information in the item Open Room, Change IP in the field. So you go to the "Guild 2" standard server to server Arena, where you can find Russian-speaking gamers.

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