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How to play guitar song Spleen No Exit

How to play guitar song Spleen

Mastery of guitar playing can be improved indefinitely, then picking up and improvising new melodies, the razuchivaya already known songs and applying the techniques previously unknown.

group "Spleen" The song "No Exit" will help to develop new skills.



At the heart of any song is playing technique. Play the song "Spleen" "No Exit" and you can fight, and brute force (as well as any song). But in order to feel the melody and rhythm of the song, first it should be to practice it in the art of combat.


Four chords of this song is very simple and easyremembered, even a novice. The verse is enough to lose the order of C, G, D, Em, and the chorus the same chords, but in a different order: Em, C, G, D. At the last chorus, the words "There is no escape, no way out", alternately put the C, D, Em.


The battle, which you can play the song group "Spleen"It can be almost every musician his. But for this it is recommended to practice music classic version, which is not too complicate your training.


Remember and play several times the battle scheme: V V V ^ ^ V V ^ V ^ (tick down mean to kick down the strings, a tick up - up thumb). The peculiarity of this intricate scheme is that it will have to play pieces by breaking a few chords. The first shot can be done with little delay (put accent), continue to play without pauses.


Repeat fight a few times, until the arm startsplay it automatically, without using at this thought. Then you can move on to memorize the chords. To successfully get into the rhythm of the song before playing it on their own, listen to the original. Sing along with the words of lead singer, noticing transitions chord guitar. Did you catch the essence of the music, and further explanation you will not need.


The first three hits of the battlefield above schemedo by pinching the first chord (in this case C). The second part of the battle, since hitting up the strings, give second chord (for the C follows G). D and Em Chords are played similarly. Thus, try to play the entire verse and chorus.

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