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How to play dominoes

According spaced dominoes and Fan overturning even held competitions

This ancient Sino-Indian game has become very popular in the 18th century. Then knuckles got the name of "domino" in honor of fancy black and white costumes.

Now there are several varieties of the game of dominoes.

Consider the most popular in the Russian variety - "goat".

You will need

  • set of domino tiles, empty table, from 2 to 4 enthusiastic people



All the knuckles on the table overturned points downand thoroughly mixed. Then the players at random assort 5-7 knuckles. If you play four or three, then each gets 5 knuckles. If only two players, they take on the 7 pieces. The remaining stones to form a so-called "market", they lay in not opening side.


Players view their stones. Start the game, who is the most senior double (stone with the same numbers). Generally, it is a stone 6-6 if such a hands on no one, you are looking for 5-5, and so on. If there is a situation that no one takes, then go with the older stone with different numbers 6-5 or 6-4, and so on. So, first walked the first puts a chip on the table, turn from it moves clockwise to the next player.


The next player to put on to the existingstone table one of its stones, with the proviso that one half of it the same number of pixels as that already lying on the table. So the players spread the stones on the table, connect them to one or the other edge of the resulting line on the basis of the number of points of coincidence.


If one of the players has two doubles, whichand can be put on the right and left of the many stones on the table, these duplicates can be put in one move. Generally, in the course of only one stone is laid. If a player has no suitable stone, then he goes "to the market", that is, takes the guesswork out of the chip pile extra stones. The player takes the stones from the "market", until the pull is not suitable. All inappropriate laid out the stones remain in his hands.


Thus, the game continues until one ofplayers do not spit out all their stones on the table, or until there is "fish". "Fish" - a stalemate when all players have chips on their hands, but no one has the appropriate chips for the table, and in the "market" chips ended.

At the end of the game count the number of points,remaining for each player. The number of points equal to the number of points on the knuckles, which were at the hands of the player. At the same time an empty double 0-0 is 25 points. Recording points for each player opens with 13 points. After recording points begins next con game. Game ends when one player wins 101 points, it is called a "goat".

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