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How to play dominoes


By placing the knuckles of dominoes and their fan tilting, even competitions are held</a>

This ancient Sino-Indian game became very popular in the 18th century. Then the knuckles got the name "domino" in honor of the masquerade black and white suits.

Now there are several varieties of dominoes.

Consider the most popular variety in Russia - "goat".

You will need

  • Set of dominoes, empty table, 2 to 4 enthusiastic people



All knuckles topple down on the table with points downAnd mix thoroughly. Players then randomly sort out 5-7 knuckles. If you play four or three, then each gets 5 knuckles. If the players are only two, then they take 7 pieces. The remaining stones form the so-called "bazaar", they are laid aside without opening.


Players look at their stones. The game begins with the one who has the oldest double (a stone with the same numbers). In general, this stone is 6-6, if this is not in the hands of anyone, then they are looking for 5-5 and so on. If there is such a situation that no one has duplicates, then they go from the older stone with different numbers 6-5 or 6-4 and so on. So, the first player puts the first chip on the table, the move from it goes clockwise to the next player.


The next player must put to the available onA stone to one of its stones with the condition that on one side of it there are the same number of points as those already lying on the table. So the players spread the stones on the table, attaching them to one or the other end of the resulting line by the principle of coincidence of the number of points.


If one of the players has two doubles thatCan be placed to the right, and to the left of the set of stones on the table, then such doubles can be put in one turn. In general, only one stone is put in the course. If the player does not have a suitable stone, he goes "to the market", that is, he takes a chip from a heap of excess stones. The player takes the stones from the "bazaar", until he pulls out the suitable one. All stones that are not suitable for laying are left in his hands.


Thus the game continues until one of thePlayers will not put all their stones on the table or until there is a "fish". "Fish" is a stalemate when all players have chips on their hands, but no one has suitable chips for the table, and in the "bazaar" the chips are over.

At the end of the game, the number of points is counted,Remaining for each player. The number of points coincides with the number of points on the knuckles that the player left on his hands. In this case, an empty double 0-0 costs 25 points. Record points for each player opens with 13 points. After recording the points, the next game ends. The game ends when one of the players dials 101 points, it is called a "goat".

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