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How to play Dark Souls


How to play Dark Souls</a>

Dark Souls can cause a beginner gamer cognitive dissonance.

When, during the training of death, one by one follows, one realizes that it will be much worse.

Nevertheless, many people want to go through this complex game.



One of the main points is a calm reaction to theDeath in the game world. Be prepared for the fact that almost every element of Dark Souls will try to kill you. Most often these attempts will be successful. Insidious traps, aggressive undead, abysses - all this can at any time take your life and send you to the point of rebirth. Remember that in unexpected and stupid deaths there is nothing terrible. Just analyze your actions and do not repeat such mistakes in the future.


Study your enemies. The more you know about the dangers, the easier it will be to overcome them. If you first encounter the enemy, then try to pay attention to any detail of his behavior. Remember the style of fighting, weakness and attack. This also applies to passing bosses. Know that knowledge in this game is acquired through death and error. But in the future it can become a very powerful weapon.


Be careful. Carefree walks in Dark Souls, as a rule, end miserably and unpleasantly. Prepare for everything and carefully explore the environment. In this game, every little thing is important. If you listen to the sounds - you can find out about a possible ambush. Will look under your feet - do not fall into the trap. Once in unknown places in the game, do not rush and rush around there, rushing headlong. The main thing - accuracy.


Adhere to the rule not to miss not oneSane NPC on its way. In Dark Souls, they are already scarce. They can offer help, share some value and give useful advice. Listen carefully to what the characters tell you. Start a dialogue with them several times until the replicas begin to repeat. Some characters will offer their services after such actions.


In the game from the very beginning will meetWeapons that can serve you the whole game, up to the most final credits. If you do not forget to improve your favorite weapon from a blacksmith, then in any case your investment will not be lost. Find the most suitable club or sword and pump it as you pass Dark Souls. An important point - titanite first of all need to spend on upgrading weapons, not armor.


Decide on the style of the game. In Dark Souls a flexible class system, but whatever character you choose, then from it something completely different can turn out. If you rely on mobility and speed in combat, the key parameters for the pumping are Dexterity and Endurance. If you are a mage, you should pay attention to Intelligence and Attunement. Faith and Attunement are important for the cleric. And parameters such as Vigor (increases maximum health) and Adaptability (increases the speed of rolling, shield raising and resistance to damage) are the same for all players.

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