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How to play Dark Souls

How to play Dark Souls

Dark Souls can cause the novice gamer dissonance.

When, during the training of death follow one another, comes the realization that the next will be much worse.

However, many people want to go through this challenging game.



One of the highlights - a calm reaction toDeath in the game world. Be prepared for the fact that almost every element of Dark Souls will try to kill you. In most cases these attempts are successful. Insidious traps, aggressive undead abyss - all of which can at any time take away your life and send it to the point of regeneration. Remember that sudden and stupid deaths have nothing to worry about. Just analyze their actions and do not repeat these mistakes in the future.


Study your enemies. The more you know about the dangers, the easier it will be to overcome them. If this is your first encounter with the enemy, try to pay attention to every detail of his behavior. Memorize fighting style, weakness and attacks. This also applies to the passage of the bosses. Know that knowledge acquired in this game by the deaths and error. But in the future it could become a very powerful weapon.


Be careful. Carefree walking in Dark Souls, usually ends in tears, and unpleasant. Be prepared for anything, and carefully examine the environment. In this game, every detail is important. If you listen to the sounds - you can learn about a possible ambush. Will you look at his feet - do not fall into the trap. Once in unfamiliar places in the game should not hurry and rush there headlong. The main thing - accuracy.


Stick to the rules not to miss not oneNPC alleged in its path. In Dark Souls their already small. They can offer help, to share any value and offer useful advice. Listen carefully to what they say to you characters. Shift into a dialogue with them several times until the replica will not be repeated. Some characters after such actions offer their services.


In the game from the outset will meetarms, which can last you the entire game until the final credits. If you will not forget to improve the weapon of choice in the blacksmith, in any case, your investment will not be wasted. Find the most suitable to you a club or a sword and Suck it as you progress through Dark Souls. An important point - titanite primarily need to spend to upgrade weapons, not armor.


Decide on the style of game. In Dark Souls flexible class system, but no matter what character you choose, then it can come from something entirely different. If the battle you rely on mobility and speed, the key parameters for pumping - Dexterity, and Endurance. If you play a magician, you should pay attention to the Intelligence and Attunement. For important cleric Faith and Attunement. And options such as Vigor (increases max health) and Adaptability (increases the speed of roll-overs, raising a shield and damage resistance) need the same for all players.

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