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How to play cricket

How to play cricket

Cricket - one of the most popular sports in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries.

Learning how to play cricket pretty easy, it is only necessary to have on hand the necessary accessories and learn simple rules.


In order to play cricket, you mustto acquire the appropriate equipment. You will need special wooden columns and lintels, which are collected from the gate (one of the basic elements of the game), Bits for cricket, made of wood, as well as a cricket ball, shaped like a baseball. In addition, there must be the sports uniform for the game of cricket. It includes: long pants, shirt (long or short sleeves) and shoes. Some players prefer to play in the boots, they improve the adhesion to the ground, but to play in them is not necessary. To protect the various parts of the body from hitting the ball well, wear: shin guards, webbed gloves for the hands and face mask. It is not all the players on the field is permitted to wear such protection.


The game of cricket is held in the margins, shapedellipse the center of which is a rectangular area, called a pitch, a length of 22 meters and width - 10 meters. The central part of the field, as a rule, has a shorter turf than the remaining portion thereof. The playing field is divided into play areas with special lines called crises.

Fundamental rules

Teams in the game of cricket consists of 11man on each side. Position each player has its own name, for example, the player feeding the ball, called the bowler, and the player returns the ball - batsman. The winner of the game, like in many other team games, it is the team with the most points. The observance of the rules during the game followed by two judges. In official matches the high level of the games can be involved, and others judge. In addition, the accounts present the so-called markers, they follow the teams and referees involved in the counting of the results of the game.
The game itself is a set of points, calledwounds (from the English run - a run). Player (bowler), one of the teams makes a pitch toward the batsman of the opposing team. The batsman hits the ball so that he flew as far as possible, at this point the batsman makes a run on the field and in the case of compliance with certain rules, his team scores a point (wounds). At the same time, if the players of the serving team catch the ball before it hit the ground and break the wicket, the batsman goes out. Drawing the ball goes up, as long as the game will not be displayed all 10 batsmen, after which the teams switch roles.

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