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How to play cricket


How to play cricket </a>

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries.

Learning to play cricket is pretty easy, you just need to have the necessary supplies at hand and learn simple rules.


In order to play cricket, you needAcquire appropriate inventory. You will need special wooden columns and jumpers, from which wickets are assembled (one of the main elements of the game), cricket bricks made of wood, and a cricket ball that resembles a baseball ball. In addition, for the game of cricket, a corresponding sports form is needed. It includes: long pants, a shirt (with long or short sleeves) and shoes. Some players prefer to play boots, they improve grip with the ground, but it is not necessary to play them. To protect different parts of the body from hitting the ball, it is also necessary to wear: shin guards, membranous hand gloves and face mask. However, not all players on the field are allowed to wear such protection.


The game of cricket takes place on fields that have the formAn ellipse in the center of which is a rectangular section called the pitch, its length is 22 meters, and the width is 10 meters. The central part of the field, as a rule, has a shorter grass cover than the rest of it. The playing field is divided into play areas by special lines called crises.

Fundamental rules

Teams in the game of cricket consist of 11Person on each side. The position of each player has its own name, for example, the player who submits the ball is called the bowler, and the player who shoots the ball is called a batsman. The winner of the game, as in many other team games, is the team that scored the most points. For compliance with the rules during the game, two judges are watching. In official high-level matches, third-party referees may be involved in the games. In addition, to maintain the account there are so-called markers, they monitor the teams of judges and are engaged in counting the results of the game.
The game itself is a set of points calledWounds (from English run - jogging). The player (bowler) of one of the teams makes a pitch towards the batsman of the opposing team. The batsman shoots the ball so that it flies as far as possible, at this point the batsman jogs the field and if some rules are observed, his team earns a point (wounds). At the same time, if the players of the serving team catch the ball before it falls to the ground or break the gate, the batsman leaves the game. The draw of the ball passes until all 10 batsmen are removed from the game, after which the teams change roles.

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