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How to play cheaters

How to play the cheaters

Cheaters - gamers, finding in them the rules of traversal methods. If the game is multiplayer, or keeps records on the server, this player is considered to be unacceptable behavior.

In the single-player game works in offline mode, these actions are acceptable.



Cheating in computer games came back inthe era of eight-bit computers and consoles. On consoles used devices for cheating, placed between the cartridge and a slot for him, and make changes to the code on the fly as it is read. On the IBM PC with DOS executable files edited games HEX-editor or use memory-resident programs that change the behavior of the game. While some game developers have struggled with cheating techniques, others - on the contrary, they were placed in secret codes. To simplify the passing game can be pressing a sequence of keys or joystick movement. Cheetham dedicated books, journal articles, and then the sites.


Today cheaters techniques significantly changed, butsome have remained the same. Using a HEX-editor, you can enter changes in the executable file for the modern OS, such as Linux, Mac OS or Windows. But it is not always required, because some games are distributed on the basis of open source today. In this case, you can make changes to the source code of the game, and then recompile. Players just prefer classic emulators platforms on modern equipment, use "database POKE», current and updated automatically via the Internet. Still in vogue, and secret codes, but their developers are now placed in the game much less frequently than before.


In today's multi-tasking operating systems have become available andother previously impossible tricks. Sometimes, in order to succeed in the game, the key must be pressed quickly in sequence. Not all users are quite nimble for this, but you can use the program to simulate the sequence by pressing just one button. Other programs are watching what is happening on the screen, the image is analyzed and automatically suggest the weapon to the target, or, conversely, will automatically shoot when a player brings the weapon to the target manually. The former are called aimbot, second - targetbot. There are even robots that take the gaming experience for the cheater completely or almost completely.


Acceptance does not require any programming knowledge,no additional software - kempering. The player comes to a place like the game card, where it is difficult to see the other, and from there begins to shoot. This method of cheating is not effective: sooner or later the others will notice how it shoots, or read about the location on the map of places that are suitable for kemperinga.


If the multiplayer game is not overInternet and the local network, and all cars are located in the same room, it is possible to determine where the other player, the sound from its speaker. With this kind of cheating are fighting, using headphones instead of speakers. Poorly versed in programming, players can even use social engineering techniques, such as text messaging (which the exchange is possible in many games), causing opponents to play well, but little familiar with the interface of the game, by pressing a dangerous shortcuts, etc.


Cheat program can make on the gochanges to the data stream transmitted from the client to the server. Therefore, in some modern games data is transmitted encrypted. Often, as the server reported false information about the delays of the packets, while in fact they come much faster. During these delays imaginary player can perform actions, the results of which become visible only later rivals.


Sometimes, the server transmits to the client applicationredundant information, such as what is happening behind the walls, but the client does not show the player. customer modification makes him show what normally hidden from the user. Often drawing walls, as well as other items on the screen, the game developers instruct the graphics processor (GPU), located on the graphics card. Then, modify the client application does not play, and the graphics card driver, and the walls are, for example, translucent. There are also cheat program, allowing to see in the dark, behind rapidly rotate around its axis, dodging enemy ammunition, etc.


Owners of game servers can take pictureswhat is happening on the client screen. But that, in turn, can use the program, substituting the image to another without having to play in any way. On the one hand, and the missing evidence of the use of certain prohibited practices, and on the other - the substitution of the image itself becomes a prohibited technique, in which once it is clear that a player - a cheater.

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