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How to play bowling

How to play bowling

Bowling - a sports game, the essence of which is to bring down the StartUp bowling ball, set at the end of the track.

Modern look bowling acquired at the end of the XIX century, and it was a prototype of a game of skittles.



Select your ball because of itwill depend on your chances of winning. Each ball has three holes for an average, anonymous and thumb - they should fit you perfectly sized to easily slipped the ball with the hands, and at the same time you do not have to compress it strongly while holding. As a rule, women are suitable for balls from 8 to size 10, and for boys, respectively, harder.


Take proper stance. Back down 4 steps from the foul line. As a rule, before the track there are special points that serve as a reference point for the beginning steps. Be straight, legs put together. The right hand, which you hold the ball, bend at an angle of 90 degrees so that the brush with the ball looking at you and was parallel to the floor. With his left hand hold the ball a little.


Follow the correct message of the world. To do this, just 4 steps, starting with the right foot. During these you should lower the left arm, straighten the right with the ball and to get her back to send. The last step is performed before the foul line left foot while you squat slightly on his left leg and send the ball in the center of the triangle of pins. The right leg should remain at the same straight line and be back with the left foot.


Try to knock down as many as possible with the pinfirst time. Therefore you need to aim at the center of a triangle of pins. However, the promise of the ball better not look at the pins, and special arrows, painted at the beginning of the track. If the first try to knock strike (10 pins) did not work, the second time it is necessary to knock down the remaining pins.


The game consists of 10 rounds (FAME), for each of theThey participant is given two attempts to send the ball. After each round or strike the pins are exposed again. In the last round a player can get additional, third attempt to send the ball if it is knocked out strike or completely missed. In the end, we calculate the total number of points each participant.


The total amount of points at the end of the game is the number of pins knocked down, and bonuses. During the strike, for example, there are 10 balls and a bonus equal to the number of pins knocked down in the next two shots.

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