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How to play army songs

How to play army songs

Unlearn Army songs to show off the talent in the circle of colleagues and remember the past, it is not difficult.

The music in these songs has a similar motive and means and techniques of the game.

Therefore, play army tunes can be learned on one or two songs.



The most convenient tool for performanceArmy songs is a six-string guitar. First, learn to play the guitar at a basic level is not as difficult as in other instruments, and, secondly, the guitar is very convenient to take on camping trips, as it, for example, is significantly lighter in weight than the piano, and to set up - easier than the violin. In addition, the guitar can play absolutely any army song.


Learn how to play Army combat. This skill will greatly facilitate your learning of military songs. This playing technique is also called the fight "six", as one cycle comprises the six movements. He played as follows: double-down on the strings, then doubled up, and once up and down.


Another variant of this bout - gamestrings jamming. To do this, replace the second and the fifth hit "cap" - a blow to the strings and the simultaneous pressing of the brush to them, so that the sound is not stretched, and broke off. Game fight songs suited to the dynamic music and words.


Teach strumming that fit armysongs. For example, to play the most simple brute force, enough to pull the strings in turn: first, the third, then the second, the first and in reverse order, and one of the bass. This technique is suitable games lyrical song. For example, to play well in such a brute-force song "Orders are not for sale."


Combine two games technology in one song toa variety of music. Verse play Army Song brute force, and the chorus - the fight. If you play the guitar in a circle of friends, you will notice that most of the verse you will listen, so you can play quietly and lyrically, and the chorus is sung usually the whole company, which is why the fight is appropriate here.


Buy a bookstore collection of army songswith chords. Usually, the game you must know the basic triad: Am, C, Dm, Em, G. Also, different lyrics and chords for them can be found on the Internet at sites specializing in this area (amdm.ru, akkord-gitar.com).

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