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How to play army songs


How to play army songs</a>

To understand the army songs in order to show off talent in the circle of colleagues and remember the past is not difficult.

Music in such songs has a similar motive, and hence the technique of the game.

Therefore, you can learn all the army melodies by one or two songs.



The most convenient tool for executionArmy songs is a six-stringed guitar. Firstly, it's not so difficult to master the guitar playing at the basic level, as on other instruments, and, secondly, the guitar is very convenient to take in hiking, since it, for example, is much lighter in weight than the piano, but in tuning - It's easier than a violin. In addition, the guitar can play absolutely any army song.


Learn how to play army battle. This skill will make it much easier for you to learn army songs. This technique of the game is also called a "six" fight, since one cycle contains six movements. It's played like this: two times down the strings, then two times up and one time down and up.


Another kind of this battle is the game withJamming of strings. To do this, replace the second and fifth blow with a "stub" - striking the strings and simultaneously pressing the brush towards them so that the sound does not drag out, but breaks off. The game matches songs with dynamic music and words.


Learn the sorts that fit the armySongs. For example, to play the most simple bust, it is enough to pull the strings one by one: first a third, then a second one, first and in the reverse order and one of the bass strings. This technique of the game is suitable for a lyrical song. For example, it's good to play the song "Order not sold".


Combine the two techniques of playing in one song toTo diversify music. Verse play in the army song by sorting, and the refrain - fight. If you play the guitar with your friends, you will notice that the majority will listen to you on the verse, so you can play softly and lyrically, and the chorus is sung usually by the whole company, that's why the battle is more appropriate.


Buy a collection of army songs in the bookstoreWith chords. Usually, you need to know the basic triads for the game: Am, C, Dm, Em, G. Also various songs and chords to them can be found on the Internet on sites specializing in this direction (amdm.ru, akkord-gitar.com).

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