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Plasterboard partitions

Plasterboard partitions

Make alterations to divide space of the room with the help of drywall quickly and easily.

If you know how to handle screwdriver and a hacksaw, it does not take much to set plasterboard partitions with their hands.

Gypsum plasterboard partition walls can be zonedspace, for example, separate dressing room or in the kitchen to organize a mini-pantry. And you can do a full interior partitions, divide a large room into two rooms.

To begin to mark the place of the future walls andcalculate its size. The main work is in the frame assembly. For walls use the PS (profile rack) and Mo (guide profile). They have a wide range of sizes and allow you to set the walls of any thickness. The partitions must not be thinner than 10 cm.

Installation of plasterboard partitions begins withframe unit. To the floor and the ceiling, exactly above each other, secure the guide profiles. To achieve accuracy, you can use a plumb - securing the profile to the floor, on the ceiling of the wall move plummet until it aligns with the edge of the rail and put a mark. This operation is doing a both ends.

The guides in increments of 60 cm is inserted into the rack,extreme mounted against a wall. The step size is due to the width of a standard sheet of drywall, equal to 1.2 m. Between the supporting wall and desk lay a tape made of silicone or latex for depreciation. Guides and rack profiles are fastened together with small screws. You can secure and further use rivets to design reliability.

The length of cut sheets in size and each sheetis attached to the three studs with screws. The seams between the sheets glued plaster mesh tape. Vertical angles reinforce perforated corners. Places openings reinforce double uprights or wooden bars.

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