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Planting and pruning roses in the spring: the rules and nuances

Planting and pruning roses in the spring: the rules and nuances

Delicate aromas and lush beauty of the rose growers of the few people indifferent, that's why it proudly called the queen of flowers.

Rosary, even small, will be a bright decoration of suburban area.

To sophisticated aristocrat delight you with its lush flowering, it is necessary to put in time and correctly cut the spring.

When to plant roses

Roses should be planted in open ground only afterthe soil has thawed completely, and at night the thermometer will be stable around 10 degrees. For planting should be selected seedlings with closed root system.

Be careful with the Dutch and PolishRose varieties - often they are brought to Russia with an open root system. Such instances will be advisable first to put in the pot to hold some time in the indoor environment as long as the outside is not sets the optimal weather conditions.

An important caveat when buying roses

Ideal - buy rose plants intested cattery. In their hypermarkets are usually sold in beautiful boxes. But we should not be conducted in the veneer. Often, the name written in this beautiful package, simply invented by a company which is engaged in the cultivation of varieties of the leading breeders under license. These plants have an affordable price, but they can grow flowers, which do not correspond to the claimed description.

How to cut the roses in spring

With the arrival of spring rose bushes need special care. It is mandatory to cut all the branches frostbitten. This should be done to the living tissue.

To create a really beautiful crown,remove all damaged twigs and branches that grow into the bush. Find a strong branch and carefully cut them up to large buds. Above it is necessary to leave just one centimeter of the stem, not more. This must be done in order to set off in the bud growth.

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