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Plant whether a dog

Plant whether a dog

Many of today's residents of cities stronglytired of the concrete jungle, leading a sedentary lifestyle, prefer to spend free time in front of the computer or on the couch. This alignment leads to an increase in body weight, progressive laziness and lack of desire.

Therefore, more and more people are thinking about pets - a dog.

The dog - one that requires special attention

How to Train Your Dog
Often parents are thinking about purchasingdogs, when the child grows up in a family. In the animal adults see a friend, protector, and - a way to teach the child to justice and kindness. However, the decision about the dog should be taken not to "whip up".

Experts do not recommend to start a dog ifchild less than 14 years. During the growing animal will be his toy, which can quickly get bored. Also, the baby can accidentally injure the pet.

If you are planning to get a dog, be sure toTake the test to allergens in advance. Today a lot of cases where pets are thrown out of deep sleep or because of the fact that the child has an allergy is detected. In order not to bring the puppy to find out about the possible reaction of your family.
With a dog should wait, if you planbecome pregnant in the near future. Not all the young moms cope simultaneously with pet (even already grown up) and newborn. In this case, the animal can start only to those people who have already had a dog, and they represent the complexity of the situation.

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