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How to plant verbena


How to plant verbena</a>

Charming fragrant verbena bushes will surely decorate the garden.

The plant is rather compact, 20-40 cm high, so it will look good in the shoots along the tracks next to other stunted flowers.

You will need

  • - crates for seedlings-
  • - light loose soil-
  • - coarse-grained sand-
  • - Verbena seeds.



Verbena has a fairly long timeVegetation, therefore in our climate it is best to grow it through seedlings. Otherwise, you can not wait to bloom. It is necessary to begin landing in the middle of February - early March.


Make a suitable for verbena soil mixture. The plant needs a light, not very nutritious primer. To do this, take the land from your garden and mix it with clean sand in a ratio of 2: 1. Pour the soil into the planting boxes, and put a layer of coarse sand about 5 mm thick on top. On the surface, spread the seeds (they are large enough), then lightly press them into the soil and moisten them from the spray gun.


Verbena seeds need stratification. They need to create a little stress, in this case the shoots will be friendly, and the plants will be strong. Draw boxes with crops for 2-3 weeks on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, then transfer to a warm place.


As soon as the first shoots appear, the verbena needsPut in a sunny place, because the plant is very photophilous. Water the seedlings as the top layer dries up, try not to over-moisten the earth's clod, as with excessive watering the seedlings become weaker and may die.


When 2-3 present leaflets appear, cut the seedlings into separate pots and pinch their tops, which will promote the development of lateral shoots, and you will have compact lush bushes.


1-2 weeks before landing in the ground, startTo harden seedlings of verbena. Carry it in the afternoon in the garden or expose to the balcony. Such seedlings easily tolerate light frosts that occur at the end of spring and early summer, so it can be planted permanently in mid-May.

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