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Charming fragrant verbena bushes, no doubt, will decorate the garden.

The plant is quite compact, 20-40 cm tall, so it will look good in rabatkah along the tracks alongside other low-growing flowers.

You will need

  • - Boxes for rassady-
  • - Loose soil-light
  • - Coarse pesok-
  • - Seeds of marigolds.



In verbena quite a long timevegetation, so in our climate it is best grown through seedlings. Otherwise, you can not wait for flowering. Start planting should be in the middle of February - early March.


Make suitable for pochvosmes verbena. The plant needs light, not very nutritious soil. To do this, take the earth from your garden and mix it with clean sand in the ratio 2: 1. Pour soil in the planting boxes, and on top put a layer of coarse sand approximately 5 mm thick. On the surface lay the seeds (they are large enough), then gently press them into the soil and moisten a sprayer.


Seeds require stratification verbena. They need to create a little stress, in this case, the shoots will be amicable and strong plants. Boxes with crops set for 2-3 weeks on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, then transfer to a warm place.


As soon as the first shoots, verbena needput in a sunny place, because the plant is very photophilous. Water the seedlings as the upper layer has dried, try not pereuvlazhnyat clod of earth, as the seedlings are weakened and may die with excess watering.


When the 2-3 true leaves raspikiruyte seedlings into individual pots and prischipnite their tops, which will contribute to the development of side shoots, and you will get a compact lush bushes.


For 1-2 weeks before planting in the ground startharden the seedlings verbena. Delivers its day in the garden or expose to the balcony. Such plants can easily tolerate light frosts, which are in late spring and early summer, so a permanent place can be planted in mid-May.

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