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How to plant tulips

How to plant tulips

Tulips - beautiful flowers that light up like a spring garden with its colors.

This undemanding plant that can growalmost any soil, but for excellent growth, development and producing beautiful, healthy flowers need to follow a few simple rules.

You will need

  • - Bulbs tyulpanov-
  • - Fundazol or margantsovka-
  • - humus
  • - Rotted kompost-
  • - Light and loose soil.



To grow large beautiful tulips infully enjoy their blooms in spring, take care of the acquisition and planting of bulbs in the fall. They begin to be planted from early September to mid-October, but if the autumn is warm and prolonged, it is possible to plant tulips and at the end of October to early frosts. In case of late planting tulips nestle a thick layer of dry leaves or spruce branches.


Planted bulbs to a depth of 15-20 cm andthe same width as each other. There is an unspoken rule - the planting depth should be equal to the bulb, multiplied by 3 (the bigger the bulb, the more you need to put it). Experienced growers are advised to plant tulips in plastic baskets out of vegetables. This will facilitate the follow-up care for the plants.


At one place can grow tulips few years. But if you want a large and beautiful flowers, bulbs should be digging up every year. Without transplant the bulbs begin to grow shallow, go deep into the ground will start to hurt. So they can just die and you will lose the plant.


The signal for the drying of the leaves will be digging atThis external scales acquire a light brown shade. After digging up the bulbs in a pink rinse solution of potassium permanganate or fundazol. Lay the paper on a dry room in shading and dry them for a month. Then fold in a cardboard box or basket and store it until the autumn planting.

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