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How to plant tulips


How to plant tulips</a>

Tulips are magnificent flowers that seem to illuminate the spring garden with their colors.

These are unpretentious plants that can growPractically on any soil, but for a perfect growth, development and obtaining beautiful, healthy flowers, several simple rules must be followed.

You will need

  • - bulbs of tulips-
  • - foundation stone or manganese-
  • - humus-
  • - overgrown compost-
  • - light and loose soil.



To grow beautiful large tulips and inFully enjoy their flowering in the spring, take care of buying bulbs and planting in the fall. They begin to plant from the beginning of September to the middle of October, but if the autumn is warm and protracted, it is possible to plant tulips and at the end of October before the start of frost. In case of late planting, cover the tulips with a thick layer of dry foliage or lapnika.


Plant the bulbs to a depth of 15-20 cm andThe same width from each other. There is an unspoken rule - the depth of planting should be equal to the size of the bulb multiplied by 3 (the bigger the bulb, the deeper it is to plant it). Experienced growers advise planting tulips in plastic baskets from vegetables. This will facilitate the subsequent care of plants.


In one place, tulips can grow for several years. But if you want to get large and beautiful flowers, bulbs should be excavated annually. Without transplantation bulbs begin to melt, go deep into the ground, begin to ache. So they can just die and you lose plants.


The signal to the excavation will be the drying of the leaves,This external scales will acquire a light brown tint. After digging, wash the bulbs in a pink solution of potassium permanganate or base. Spread on dry paper in a shaded room and dry them for a month. Then fold in cardboard boxes or baskets and store until the autumn planting.

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