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How to plant strawberries winding

How to plant strawberries winding

Strawberries, which is an analog of wild strawberry, is considered a favorite delicacy of most people. It is used for jam, useful teas, fruit drinks, desserts and simply consumed in its natural form.

Grow strawberries winding possible and at his dacha.

Benefits curly strawberry

Curly strawberries is not independentvariety - rather, it is a kind of strawberry which has fruiting curly mustache. When growing this fruit growers use the same rules and methods of care that apply to the cultivation and greenhouse strawberry. Curly strawberries gives delicious berries from early summer until the frost, but it is famous not only that. This plant decorate any garden with their thin stems, which grow green leaves, white flowers and ripening fruit, alternating bright strokes have ripened zemlyanichek.

For one season every bush curly strawberry able to give about a pound of fragrant and sweet berries.

Experienced gardeners are usually grown thiskind of strawberries on legs - it looks great on them, wrapping her support vines, completely studded with berries and flowers. Many even arrange of winding alleys strawberries whole strawberry from five meters in length and up to a meter in height. Berries with these alleys harvested until November and cook them fragrant jams or jam, which is so delicious to drink tea cozy winter evenings.

Planting strawberries winding rules

Most often winding strawberries are planted near the fence ofmetal mesh, netting, but in places where early frosts and very hot summers netting can be replaced by a braided polymer network, which will not be heated or peremerzat, harming the tender shoots of the plant and slowing its growth. After ripening berries in early summer, strawberries winding rapidly grows shoots with a mustache, which develop fresh outlet.

If you do not give the plant support, sockets take root in the earth and give birth to new plants - to support the young shoots will bloom and bear fruit, eating from the main bush.

Thanks to the support, next to which will be plantedstrawberries, plants can not only decorate the garden, but also to protect themselves from diseases resulting from contact with the soil. Curly strawberries on a support is more resistant to problems of rainy seasons - in the air, it saves on their crops rot, less susceptible to pests and slugs and berries do not get dirty with soil. In the season of autumn frosts winding strawberries need to be covered with a special material that preserves the crop before the frost, to whom it will be easy to collect in the form of a fully ripened.

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