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How to plant seedlings of cabbage

How to plant seedlings of cabbage

Cabbage - a unique vegetable that not only has excellent taste, but also rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Therefore, it can always be seen on the garden and holiday beds.

Sowing the seeds of cabbage at once in the open ground cannot give the desired results. After all, there is a great probability that they will be eaten by birds or washed out of the soil. Therefore, experienced gardeners do not recommend using this option sowing cabbage.

The cultivation of cabbage seedlings

In order to obtain a rich harvest of cabbage,better to use the seedlings. It can grow in the home. To do this, take a warm and cabbage seeds in warm water for 5 minutes, and then pass on the same time slot in the cold. Such an approach would temper and disinfect seeds. Then they are planted in special rectangular pots and left in a warm room. It is important to use the fertile soil here. It will get a good seedling, which does not wither in the beds after planting and during the adaptation period.
Care of seedlings of cabbage is in a regularwatering and maintaining the optimum temperature. After 10 days after planting is carried out feeding. In a small dose is administered soil ammonium nitrate (less than 30 g) and sulfuric acid potassium (20 g). After such fertilizing plants are watered with water necessarily. For 10 days before planting to start their temper. For this purpose, the room where the seedling gradually lower the temperature and increase ventilation.

Planting seedlings of cabbage

The soil for seedlings need to cook cabbage sinceautumn. During this period, she made organic fertilizer at the rate of 6-8 kg per 1, and then dug up the soil. Spring made loosening the soil. Then it is introduced into fertilizer. All this is left for 10-15 days, and then are the beds. They should have a width of 0.8-1 m. In this case, between the seedlings need to do a distance of about 25-40 cm. Everything is it depends on what sort of cabbage was chosen.
Seedlings transplanted into the ground together with the soil inwhich it was rising. It makes it necessary to adapt the process was fast, and the root system is not damaged during the landing. After that is filled with ordinary soil seedlings and watered. Behind it will need special care as long as it does not adapt. The drought is necessary to make regular moderate watering, especially if there is hot weather, then the need to cover the plants with paper caps, made with his own hands from the newspaper or notebook sheet. Thus, you can prevent them from wilting.

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