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How to plant the plants in hanging baskets

How to plant the plants in hanging baskets

Anyone who was in the summer in Europe, certainly appreciatedthe beauty of local gardens and balconies decorated with luxurious hanging baskets with flowers. In recent years, such as baskets gaining popularity in our country.

Make their own hands is not difficult.

You will need

  • Special hanging basket liner, plastic film, pallet from the flower pot, scissors, seedlings of flowers.



Inside lay the liner with plastic wrap so that the edges of the film reached about the middle of the height of the insert. At the bottom of the basket, place the tray to retain moisture.


Further basket is filled up to half of the soila mixture consisting of three parts peat, one part sand and one part of vermicompost. All is well compacted and moistened. Then, in the walls of the basket sprinkled over the surface of the soil made a few holes. Usually three to seven.


In the knockout holes carefully insertedSprouts ample plants. Their root system must be located on the surface of the earth. The plants themselves are outside of the basket. Now the cart to fill with soil before reaching the upper edge of 2-3 cm. The soil carefully pressed.


It remains to be put in the center of the compactfloriferous annuals. At the edge of the basket ampelnye planted plants. Then planted the plants watered. A basket is removed in shading place or in the greenhouse until the plants are not yet fully take root. After that it can be used at will.

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