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How to plant lavender

How to plant lavender

There are several ways lavender Breeding: by cuttings, layering, dividing the bush, seeds.

sowing method, experts say, the mostcomplex, because it requires the stratification process (ie, placed in cold conditions). It should be remembered that in central Russia is not suitable all kinds of lavender, Lavandula angustifolia preferably.

To wait until the seedlings, it is necessary to plant lavender properly, in compliance with certain requirements.



Determine where in the area for lavender. It should be dry and sunny. At the same time, keep in mind that one lavender bush lives for several decades, so the space should be constant, lavender does not tolerate transplanting.


Prepare the soil for sowing seeds of lavender. Make the earth a large river sand or fine gravel, the soil should be well-permeable. Dig site.


It is believed that the best time of sowing seedsLavender - October. Lavender sow seed to a depth of 3-4 mm (less than 0.5 cm). Gently firm the soil and pour (abundant watering is not needed). With the onset of cold weather crops Cover the snow. Seedlings may appear next year in late May or even early June. Do not rush to despair ( "nothing is risen!") Dig site with lavender seeds.


If you do not have time to plant lavender in the fall, do notworry - make a planting in May or early June of the following year. However, before the spring sowing the seeds soak in the refrigerator (directly in a bag) within a month, or even two. You can also try this option and in January-February, sow the seeds of lavender in a small box with good drainage and fertile soil, and bury a box in the snow.

In spring carefully remove dirt from the boxcom and not peretryahivaya his transfer to a permanent place of "residence" of lavender, which is defined in advance. Naturally, the soil should be prepared by you in advance.


There is another option lavender breedingseeds. Holding the seeds in the cold for 30-40 days in February or early March sow their seedlings in a tray or drawer (soil should be nutritious and at the same time permeable, ie with a high content of sand or pebbles). Place the tray on a well lit place, the room temperature should be between +15 to +22? C. For faster germination of the crops can process means "gibberelin" (150-200 mg / l). Grown seedlings are planted in parnichok at a distance of 5-8 cm from each other. Parnichok constantly ventilate. At the end of May you can disembark every germ of a permanent place.


Avid growers manage to grow lavender inhome, although no reference on floriculture mentions the lavender as a houseplant. If you want to take a chance and try to grow lavender house, take a fresh lavender seeds and sow them in a pot with a permeable soil (good drainage at the bottom, and the mixture of river sand and pebbles with nutritious ground). Pour. After a short time the sprouts to appear. In the summer you can make a pot on the balcony or loggia. With the onset of cold weather, store the home and determine in a cool place. Watering - is very moderate. It is believed that if lavender survived the first winter, it will continue to grow normally. However, abundant flowering should not expect it.

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