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How to plant blackberries

How to plant blackberries

Blackberry - a shrub with useful and tasty black or burgundy berries. There are various varieties of this plant: hardy, besshipnye, creeping and pryamostoykie.

If you decide to put on your site blackberry bushes, you should know a few basic principles of planting and caring for this plant.



Choose a place to land sufficiently illuminated. Blackberry can grow in any soil, but fertilizer bush yields significantly increased. Blackberries are very demanding on the soil moisture during the period of active growth of shoots and the ovaries, or the quality of the berries is sharply reduced (they become dry, fine, fall before ripening).


Plant blackberry in early spring or autumn. For the southern regions autumn planting is preferable, for the other regions is better to plant blackberry spring as nezimostoykie young seedlings can not tolerate the winter.


Prepare a hole 40h40h40 see. The roots fill up the natural soil, and the rest in the pit fill the earth, fertilized by several kilograms of rotted manure. Plant shrubs at a distance of about 1 meter from each other. After planting, cut the seedling at a distance of 25 cm from the ground.


For good growth and fruiting is necessaryconduct garter and pruning a bush. Young shoots tie the summer as they grow and trim at 90 cm. Older stems, which will no longer give berries, cut close to the ground and remove. At blackberry shoots two-year cycle of development: in the first year they grow, laying the kidneys, fruit and die in the second year. Blackberry fruits in the second year, and then continues to give fruit regularly. In late summer, after fruiting, cut shoots at three kidneys.


Since most varieties of blackberriesnezimostoyki, before the winter should be laid shoots to the ground, bending the legs together with. base of the bush to sleep on top of peat and leaves, and then throw the snow. In the spring of blackberry bushes it is necessary to have time to uncover the strong swelling of the kidneys and produce formative pruning. To erect the shelter of bushes you can not spend as shoots hard and do not lie on the ground.


Blackberry can affect gallic mite thatcausing harm to the fetus. Pest overwinters in the bush, the spring moves on flowers, and later on berries. To combat the mite obrezzhte infected shoots, and after cutting the bush just swipe spraying infusion of garlic. In order to prevent this process can be repeated next spring.

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