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How to plant a blackberry


How to plant a blackberry</a>

Blackberry - a shrub with useful and tasty black or burgundy berries. There are a variety of varieties of this plant: winter-hardy, bessear, creeping and erect.

If you decide to plant blackberry bushes on your site, you should know a few basic principles of planting and caring for this plant.



Choose a place for landing sufficiently lit. Blackberries can grow on any soil, but when you apply fertilizers, the yield of the bush increases significantly. The blackberry is very demanding for soil moisture during the period of active growth of shoots and ovaries, otherwise the quality of berries sharply decreases (they become dry, small, fall off before ripening).


Plant Blackberry Early spring or autumn. For the southern regions, autumn planting is preferable, for other regions it is better to plant Blackberry In the spring, since non-resistant young seedlings can not survive the winter.


Prepare a pit of 40x40x40 cm. Root the roots with natural soil, and fill the rest of the area in the pit with soil fertilized with several kilograms of overmanned manure. Bushes plant about 1 meter apart. After planting cut the seedling at a distance of 25 cm from the ground.


For good growth and fruiting, it is necessaryHold a garter and prune the bush. Young shoots tie in the summer as they grow and cut at a level of 90 cm. Old stems that no longer give berries, cut at the very ground and remove. Blackberry shoots have a two-year cycle of development: in the first year they grow, they plant buds, bear fruit and die in the second year. Blackberries bear fruit for the second year, and after that continues to give berries regularly. At the end of summer, after fruiting, trim the shoots at the level of three kidneys.


Since most blackberry varietiesNot winter-resistant, before winter it is necessary to lay down shoots on the ground, bending along with supports. The bases of bushes on top are covered with peat and leaves, and then thrown with snow. In spring, blackberry bushes must be discovered in time to a strong swelling of the kidneys and produce forming pruning. For sheltered bushes, shelter can not be carried out, since the shoots are stiff and do not run to the ground.


The blackberry can be affected by a Gall mite whichHarms the fruits. The pest winters on the bush, spring moves to flowers, and then to berries. To control the tick trim the infected shoots, and after pruning, spray the whole bush with infusion of garlic. For prevention purposes, you can repeat this procedure in the spring of next year.

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