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How to plant asters in the ground


How to plant asters in the ground</a>

These beautiful flowers are very popular due to their unpretentiousness and long abundant flowering. Annual asters are grown in two ways: seedling and, accordingly, bezrossadnym.

Each of them has its pros and cons.

Seedbed method

Seeding of seedlings should begin withMid-March to early April. Prepare the planting material, for this it must be soaked in advance in the growth stimulator. Dilute the preparation in accordance with the instructions. Seeds spread on marlechke, cover them with a cloth and pour the solution. Keep them for 24 hours. Then dry it.
Prepare a substrate for planting seedlings. The simplest is to use a ready-made universal primer, but you can make soil mix yourself. To do this, take 2 pieces of sheet humus, add 1 part peat and a little sand or vermiculite for the looseness of the substrate. Pour the primer into a plastic container. Surface level, lay on it prepared seeds asters and sprinkle with a layer of soil in 0,5 cm.
Cover the container with a film and put it in a warmSunny place. The first shoots wait 3-5 days. A film from this improvised hothouse daily wipe, since it accumulates condensate.
Plant in an open ground to a permanent place in mid-May. And after a couple of months, an aster planted in this way will please you with a magnificent bloom.

When the seedlings have 2-3 real leaves, they will need to be dived into separate cups.

Bezrossadny method

This is less labor-intensive than the cultivationSeedlings, so many growers recommend growing asters just like this - planting plants immediately in the open ground to a permanent place. This can be done both in spring and in autumn.
For autumn sowing, prepare a place for asterIn advance. Dice the dump, remove rhizomes of weeds and add complex mineral fertilizer and humus. Begin sow the seeds of asters from the beginning of October until frost. Make grooves, spread out the planting material in them, and sprinkle top with humus. In the spring, when the asters go to growth and the first real leaf appears, shoot the seedlings.

Care for seedlings is watering, weeding and loosening.

Similarly, you can plant asters andIn the spring. Prepare the soil and retrieve seeds pre-soaked in the growth stimulator. Then, pour grooves, cover the plantings with non-woven cover material and wait for the shoots.
Flowering asters planted directly inOpen ground in spring, will come in early-mid September. If you want chic asters in your area to bloom from the middle of summer to late autumn, plant them in both seedling and uncultivated ways.

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