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How to plant white mustard

Like white mustard plant

Planting white mustard can garden all season. It is possible to sow in rows, embedded in the soil to a depth of 1.5-2 cm, and can be uniformly scatter the seeds on the right place and smooth the top with a rake.

If necessary, pour.

White mustard - an annual oil plant,with deep roots and a big green mass, the height of which varies from 30 to 80 cm. It blooms collected in the brush yellow flowers, highlighting a strong honey scent. Subsequently, from the flowers of the fruit - long pods with seeds. White mustard is used as a "green manure" or fertilizers.

What makes it useful

By penetrating deep into the ground rootsMustard is well able to loosen, structured and drained soil;. Given off the root system of a substance having a devastating effect on wireworm. Pest avoids areas planted with white mustard.
During mowing, when the green mass of plantsIt gets into the soil, to its processing accumulates a large number of microorganisms, which enrich the earth. White mustard is able to suppress the growth of weeds.
Promotes Culture and easier assimilationsparingly soluble nutrients - phosphate other plants. Thick shell mustard prevent wind and water erosion in the spring and autumn periods. In winter mustard crust do not give much ground freeze. The essential oils contained in all parts of the plant, prevent the accumulation of soil pests and fungi.

How and when to plant

Preparation for planting white mustard includes the sameevent, as in the early spring grain sowing. Sow the crop can be throughout the garden season, that is, with the arrival of spring and the beginning of September. In the southern regions and the mid-late September. Some gardeners sow and a winter, but in this case it is necessary to wait for the cold weather, that culture has not had time to ascend. As the fertilizer sowing mustard is conducted twice a year: 30 days prior to planting a vegetable culture and early autumn, when the harvest will be produced.
Planting after harvest allows you to keep moisture in the soil. At the same time to sow mustard in one of two ways:
- In series with a distance of 15 cm, and the seeds are embedded in the soil to a depth of 1.5-2 cm
- On the prepared area evenly scatter the seed and rake smooth the top.

Special care does not require the mustard, if the landstrongly dry, you need to water it. After a month and a half, when the plant reaches a height of 20 cm, it is necessary to mow, chop and close up the soil. Experienced gardeners watered the plants leaves embedded drugs such as "Baikal", "Light" and "Renaissance", and the top covered with a black film or roofing material. Thus, by the fall, you can get loose, healthy and enriched with all the necessary materials for the growth of plants soil.

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