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How to Plant a kitten good manners

How to plant a kitten good manners

Choosing a kitten - a crucial step. Once in the house, a new member of the family has to follow a number of rules.

Competent approach in this matter will help maintain peace in the family and will protect the pet from the stress in the event of default.

You will need

  • - A dry towel,
  • - Disinfectants,
  • - For food bowls,
  • - Kittens.



Decide on the type of food: or finished feed or regular food. Among the prepared feeds have liquid and dry. Carefully review the composition, for what age is, the dosage and frequency of feeding. Some veterinarians advise lure kitten baby food. Digestion cats are extremely sensitive. Remember that if in the future plan to sterilize an animal, still have to go to special finished feed.


Keep the bowls with food. Food must be fresh, room temperature. Separately, put drinking water. Encourage your cat to eat by the clock, not less than 4-5 times a day. Subsequently, the animal itself to learn to control the amount of food intake and determine their own degree of saturation.


Find a place for the tray where the kitten willgo to the toilet. In the first week of 1.5-2 watch animals. Specify the location for the toilet a kitten. If he went the wrong way, soak a cotton pad, put in the tray, put the kitten into the tray. And so each time, until the established habit. The place where the pet go to the toilet, thoroughly disinfect, but do not use too sharp smell, otherwise the animal will continue exactly where not to do so.


Buy a special scratching post. Set in the place where the animal most often tries to sharpen claws. You can use special means in the form of sprays, wean sharpen claws in the wrong places. Regularly cut the end of the animal's claws: on their own or in a clinic.


Remove street shoes, because some animals because of its peculiar smell, can mark it as their territory, or simply spoil the look.

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