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How to plan your time

How to plan your time

Why do some people manage everything at work and at home, and relatives they have time, and ourselves and others, how many do not try, you still do not have time?

That's because you need to know how to plan their time, which will not waste it in vain.



If you want to succeed in life, remember: There is nothing more valuable than time, so it should be protected and not to waste on nonsense. And for this it is necessary to make a clear and precisely follow the daily routine. Suppose it does not sound very tempting, but this method works.


Diary. First buy a diary, in which you will enter all the cases as they arise. Now it is your best assistant in the matter of time, which will help not to forget and to catch everything.


Plan for the day. Every night before going to bed, looking at records for the coming week, make a detailed plan for the next day. It should include everything: how much you need to wake up, how much time do you spend on fees, breakfast, traveling to work, and so on until the end of the day. Just follow the plan, the exception can only be an emergency.


The urgency and importance of the cases. When the list is made, divide it into "urgent and important", "urgent and important", "not urgent and not important." At the beginning of the case follow the first group, and the case of the latter place at the end.


At first, the most difficult. If during the day you will have one big complex matter and many simple, you first perform the most difficult, since then may have different circumstances which will prevent him to do, or you simply do not have enough time.


Not a minute is wasted. The time you spend in the bus, stuck in traffic, waiting for a meeting, take the fact, to more accurately plan their time, Adjust the plan.


Do not neglect the rest. Man is not an iron, and his strength is limited, so be sure to get his plan a place to rest.


Learn to say "No". Over the course of the day you will distract people with different requests and questions. Often, such a situation simply take away timeBut does not do any good, so learn to say "No" and avoid useless conversations.


But remember that success and career, of course, is good, but do not forget about yourself, so at least one day per week is allocated only for leisure, family and friends.

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