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How to plan your life

How to plan your life

The older we get, the more time is devoted to planning.

We begin to understand that the efforts made at random, will not lead to the result, and that we should only do those things that lead us to a result.

In order to clearly define how we want to live our lives and plan it requires several hours of free time in which no one is able to disturb.

You will need

  • - Paper
  • - A pen



Select a time in which no one will haveDivert. Determine the time as free from unnecessary thoughts and affairs, be sure to thoroughly relax in front of him. Make sure that you are in a hurry, and you had plenty of time to think about it.


Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down all your goals - all what you want to achieve in life, from the large to the smallest detail. Write mixed and the goals you want to achieve today, and those who want to implement five to ten years. Concentrate on the word "want" and write everything that you have connected with it.


Now select the purposes of this list, whichyou plan to implement in the next five years. Break up the path to each goal into steps. Make sure that each step has been described as detailed as possible and have a clear time frame and performance indicators.


Now spread the remaining targets for thisstages. You must distribute each target average hand at that point, where it has the greatest opportunity to be realized. However, it should be one more step to your core objectives. To avoid confusion, fix it all on paper.

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