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How to plan purchases

How to plan purchases

If you start working in the field of trade, then you need to study many different aspects of the market and the principles of work on it.

The same must be done and entrepreneurs, has recently entered into commercial activities.

One of the key components of successful trading is the competent procurement planning.



Of course, knowledge of the market conditions and the principles of functioning comes with experience, but, nevertheless, to the purchase took place successfully, you can apply some of the rules.
So, if you work in the field of trade is notthe first month, do the following. Conduct a thorough analysis and inventory turnover for the period of existence of your company. This will determine the optimum amount of the purchased goods in each group and for each supplier.


Given the seasonality factor, adjustthe value of inventories of products and optimize their turnover. As a result, you will be able to calculate the optimal rhythm of deliveries of each group of products from each supplier.


Make a turnover plan, monthly and quarterly, for each product group. So you can plan wholesale purchase for all suppliers in the future periods.


Thereafter, in accordance with the already compiledup of procurement and trade, as well as the rest of the expenditure and revenue plans, make a budget for the movement of funds separately for each month. Do not forget to take into account all the current expenses that arise during the operation of the enterprise.
Finally, make a schedule of payments for each day and stick to it strictly. Daily adjust the plan, given ongoing changes in the company.


Also, remember that successful procurement planning, you need to determine not only the best selling, purchase and a range of groups. Consider starting point for the planning of the state, that is, the contents of the warehouse. Repelled from the warehouse needs in the current period and determine the optimal amount of goods from the alignment with minimum costs for the commodity. Compare the result with the budget, and you will get the necessary numbers for analysis.

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