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How to plan purchases


How to plan purchases</a>

If you are starting to work in the field of trade, then you need to study many different aspects of the market and the principles of working on it.

The same thing has to be done and entrepreneurs who have recently joined the trading business.

One of the main components of successful trading is the proper planning of procurement.



Naturally, knowledge of market conditions and principles of functioning comes with experience, but nevertheless, in order for the purchase to proceed successfully, you can apply some rules.
So, if you work in the sphere of commerce no longerFirst month, do the following. Carry out a thorough analysis of inventory and turnover for the period of the existence of your company. This will determine the optimal amount of purchased goods in each group and for each supplier.


Given the seasonality factor, adjustThe size of the stocks of goods and optimize their trade turnover. As a result, you will be able to calculate the optimal rhythm of supply of each group of goods from each supplier.


Make a plan for turnover, monthly and quarterly, for each group of goods. So you plan wholesale Procurement For all suppliers for future periods.


After that, already in accordance with thePlan of purchases and turnover, as well as taking into account other expenses and incomes in the plans, prepare a budget for the movement of financial assets separately for each month. Do not forget to take into account all the current costs that arise during the work of the enterprise.
Finally, make a calendar plan of payments for each day and strictly adhere to it. Daily adjust the plan, taking into account changes occurring in the company.


Also remember that for successful procurement planning you need to determine not only the optimal sales, Procurement And assortment in groups. Consider the starting point for planning the state, that is, the contents, of the warehouse. Be based on the needs of the warehouse in the current period and determine the optimal volume of goods with an equalization for the minimum costs for the goods. Compare the result with the budget, and you will get the necessary figures for the analysis.

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