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How to make a flower planting plan

Flower garden in the yellow-red colors

If a summer resident wants to properly decorate your site with flowers, the flowers must first create a planting plan.

He identified with the varieties, shades, decide what kind of flower beds is preferable to his hacienda.

Flowers are a natural decoration of the suburban area.

They can transform it by adding variegated color and fragrant aroma.

What are flower beds

Flower planting Planning should start with the selection of a flower bed. It is of several types:
A flower bed, perhaps the most common flower garden. Besides ordinary circular shape, it can be heart shaped, oval, diamond shaped, or have any other shape.

Usually in the middle of the flower beds planted tallflowers (delphinium, phlox, lilies). Then sredneroslye (aster, zinnia), and the edges are low (daisies, marigolds). Okantovyvayut bed with stones, bricks, tiles or lawn.

Fragrant creation of nature help you arrange the track, if it will grow along as rabatok. Usually, low grade put closer to the track, and the high - on.
Rock garden - a garden of stones, among which also has a floral splendor, but only low-growing alpine species.
Now it is very fashionable rockeries. The first is a hybrid flower beds and an alpine slide. As if on a bed we put a few large stones, and planted flowers in between.
Palace Parks decided to issue parterres. If the site is much more than 6 acres, it is possible to decorate part of his way. This is located in the middle, but first planned to bed, followed by a flat lawn, and after him - curbs or ridges where each flower is clearly visible.
If you have a lawn, in the middle you can put a large single plant. This arrangement was called tapeworm. Well here will look a rose, peony, bush phlox, lily.

Choosing plants to bring the plan to life

After selecting one or more types of flower beds, on paper made his plan, you can proceed to the choice of plants.
Much depends on the preferences of summer resident. Those who love the color blue can plant a variety of plants of this particular color scheme. It looks great beds of the two colors, such as red and yellow. In this case, you can put in the middle of red asters, zinnias, and the edges - yellow viola, marigolds.

Of great importance when planning a flower gardenand its location. If it is near a fence or building that obscure it, it is important to choose shade-tolerant options - host, geranium, primrose, aquilegia.

On a sunny site better will feel roses, irises, carnations, bells.
Flower planting plan should take into account, whenit bloom buds of certain plants. Then flowerbed, ridges, rock garden always in bloom and variegated splendor will delight from late spring to early autumn.

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