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How to create a circle plan

How to create a circle plan

Planning - an important point of organization of pedagogical work.

Any instructional or educational action, regardless of the orientation of the circle, must have a purpose.

The teacher must also know the time frame in which it suggests to give children a certain knowledge or skills.

All this is reflected in the journal planning and accounting work of the circle, which, among other things, is the main financial document.

You will need

  • - Journal-
  • - Work program kruzhka-
  • - Methodological studies on the subject of the circle.



Before you write a proper plan in the magazine,write to a few points. There must be written terms of use magazine and its content. Pages in the content can be put down after you make a plan, but prior to the approval of the document manager.


The work plan is useful to make a firstdraft, and only then to rewrite the log, which is an official document. Define goals and objectives of their work for the year. This is done on the basis of circle program. It is possible that the training lasts for several years, so keep in mind that your kids already know how and what they should teach. This section includes educational, educational and developmental problems.


The next section is devoted to the organizational planwork. Tell us about the activities that you are going to spend and specify their dates. It is mandatory should be defined terms of formation of the circle, and the number of the first organizational sessions. It is easier to do in the form of a table.


In the section devoted to educational work,tell us about the lectures, meetings, exhibitions, tours, in which you intend to participate with their children. There must be the date, venue and short alleged content. It also may include working with a social worker or psychologist, if it is supposed to.


The preceding paragraphs of educational planWork circle similar to those that fill the school teachers. But in terms of additional education should be reflected and the interaction with the school and classroom teachers. In this section, tell us how you intend to work with the parents. It can be parent-teacher conferences, exhibitions of children's works, outdoor pursuits, joint excursions, and so on. The magazine also be told about the methodological work: visiting master classes, exhibitions, creative groups, teachers' meetings.


The plan is based on the calendarteaching and thematic plan of the program on which you are working. It is composed by one quarter of training. The plan for the first quarter should be issued before the start of the academic year, the second - 20 days before the end of the first, and so on. Mark on your calendar the beginning and end of the academic quarter. Cross out holiday dates. Mark the days that you engaged in your circle, and count them. Classes are held in the holidays, so the schedule for a quarter ending the last day of her vacation next.


Make a note of the desired section of educational and thematicPlan the theme of the program on which you intend to work. Define the content of the work on each of them and the number of hours that you want to study the material.

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