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How to place your site on Yandex

How to place the site on Yandex

For many years search engine Yandekc enables users to quickly, easily, and most importantly free of charge stir their sites on your hosting narod.ru.

Over the years he has become one of Russia's most popular free hosting.



In order to place your website in Yandex, or rather his narod.ru free hosting, you have to register on the site narod.ru.


To move files to your site, it is best to use any file manager, for example Windows Commander. After running the file manager are looking for the? Connect to FTP-server ?.


In the form fields will be empty, and to set up a connection, click on the button? Add ?, and then appear with another form of connection parameters.


In the? Subject? write the name of the site, to make it easier to remember.


In the? Address (Port)? write the address of our ftp.narod.ru server.


In the? My Account? We put this on your username? people ?, who is also part of the site's domain name. For example, the website has an address alex.narod.ru, a login? Alex.


In the Password? enter your password to access the server, entered during registration. It is advisable to use symbols with letters and numbers.


In the? Local directory? We set the path to the folder on your computer that contains the files of the site. Hit OK.


Close the window connection parameters. Thereafter compounds window must be a new compound. Select it and click on the button? Connect ?. In a file manager panels folder contents from your site files on your hard disk will be displayed, and the second - the contents of the directory your site on a server, which is no file.


Once the connection is established, you can upload files by selecting them with the mouse and transferring from one panel to another, as you would with the files on your hard disk.


After downloading all the files, you can visit the site by typing in the address bar of the domain, resulting in the registration, and if you manage to place the site on Yandex, you will see it in the browser window.


In order for your site appeared in the exploratoryqueries in Yandex, a special program has its index. To do this, you need to use the service? Report ?, new website by clicking on the appropriate link and enter your site's URL in the Open box.

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