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How to place all in a studio apartment

How to place all in a studio apartment

Housing Problem spoiled not only Muscovites,but also residents of other cities. Yes, and how not to spoil when the majority still have to huddle in one-bedroom apartments, which is not something that put the furniture, but also by the turn nowhere.

Residents' odnushek "dedicated.



Book a closet full end of your wallroom. Let it will be up to the ceiling. Despite the high cost of such a decision, the cabinet will pay off quickly. In it you will be able to fit not only the clothes, but also small appliances, if it is provided for that place. Better if the cabinet will have mirror doors that are visually expand the space.


Hang on the wall shelves that are stacked books, small toys, boxes with makeup and jewelry. Generally, in a studio apartment you need to make maximum use of the wall. They are better to move the TV, home theater speakers, flowers. Window sills should be possible to relieve the unnecessary things. Some apartments are cleaned at all, thereby expanding the room.


You can divide the room into several zones withvia a beautiful folding screen. So it is possible to organize a nursery or bedroom. The screen is easy to hide in the closet when guests come, but in the evening, each family member can go about their business in a separate corner of the apartment. Also, as a partition for help may come through the rack. He does not clutter the space, with its clearly separated. In addition, the rack will provide additional space for small items.


Good help the owners of one-bedroomapartments can be folding furniture. Desk is used in the same room is not so often, so it can be placed along the wall. Kitchen furniture can also be hinged. So not only do you get more space, but also get rid of the cluttered table.


In order to place a apartment as many things, use the balcony,mezzanine and other reserves. Under the bed, if you have it fixed, it is possible to make the podium with drawers for storing clothes, toys and other small things. In the corner of the room hang a hammock for soft toys. Some bulky exercise equipment can be replaced by compact Swedish stenkoy.Horosho be a designer in his own apartment!

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