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How do I put a link to the page

How to place a link to the page

Anyone who has ever ever create inInternet your personal page, knows how quickly I want to see her first visitors. But, unfortunately, without a specific advertising your site and remains an unknown secret corner of the net.

To him came the people, you must correctly place their link on the page.



Long gone are the days when websites on the InternetIt was relatively few, and each new address perceived with great curiosity and goodwill. Today too frequent invitation to visit someone page It can already be seen very aggressive and placing links on various forums as a guest or intrusive spam. Therefore advertise your website should be neat.


A good way to place a link to their page it is a room in your own signatureforumnye profile. In this case, no one can accuse you zaspamlivanii messages and the frequency of the reference will depend on your personal activity in the community.


It is also a very effective way of promotionyour site is the placement of references to it in different thematic catalogs. Online Directories - is specialized portals, which are lists of sites, classified by specific topics and contain a brief description of the page view. Catalogues can be both paid and free. Some directories do not require a fee for hosting links to your site, but may be asked to put a link back to your page. Should I agree to these conditions or not, entirely depends on the intentions of the owner of the page.


A great way to promote your site islink exchange with owners of similar category of resources. In this case, you pick a number of sites similar topic, agree with their administration and in their place on the pages of links to friendly sites. They answered and do the same thing, hanging link to your page.


Very effective, but fairly expensive way of linking its page, Is a collaboration with one or morelink exchanges. With these services, you can find a number of thematic resources, whose owners are ready for a fee to place on their websites link to your page and thus provide it with advertising.

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