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How to link to a page

How to link to a page</a>

Everyone who has ever been created inThe Internet your personal page, knows how you want to see the first visitors on it as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, without a certain advertisement your site will remain an unknown secret place in the network.

In order for people to come to him, you must correctly place your link to the page.



For a long time passed those times when sites on the InternetWas relatively few and every new address was perceived with great curiosity and goodwill. Today, too frequent a proposal to visit someone's Page Can already be perceived quite aggressively, and placing links on various forums or guest as intrusive spam. Therefore, to advertise your site should be neat.


A good way to place a link to your Page Is to put it in your own signature inForum profile. In this case, no one can reproach you for spamming messages and the frequency of the link will depend only on your personal activity in this community.


Also very effective way of promotionIts site is the placement of links to it in various thematic catalogs. Internet directories are specialized portals, which are lists of sites classified into specific topics and containing a brief description of the submitted pages. Catalogs can be either paid or free. Some directories do not require payment for hosting links to your site, but may ask for a back link on your page. Whether it is necessary to agree to such conditions or not, entirely depends on the intentions of the owner of the page.


An excellent way to promote the site isExchange links with owners of similar resources. In this case, you select a number of sites of similar subjects, negotiate with their administration and place on your pages links to friendly sites. They do the same in response, hanging a link to your Page.


A very effective, but quite costly way to place links to your Page, Is cooperation with one or moreExchanges of links. Thanks to these services, you can find a number of thematic resources, the owners of which are ready for a fee to place on their websites a link to your Page And thus provide it with advertising.

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